A backup for memory?

Hi Tom, I have a question about memory. You say we forget things because it could clutter the mind and prevent development of the intellect. I agree, but still I can remember a situation I totally forgot when someone mention something that `reminds` me of it, even if it happened several years ago.

So all our memories must be stored somewhere. Do you have any idea where? Does that include all our previous lives too?


There may be some "backup" system in our conscious memory. I do not think that "all our memories" are backed up. My guess is that there are some very clever conscious "filters" that help selecting memories "worth" remembering. Only these memories can actually be "restored".

Logically, the most precious form of "code" to be stored and backed up is your "intelligence". My definition of intelligence is an ability to imagine, learn, adapt and make reasonable choices even in unexpected circumstances.


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