A bug in Buddhism?

So who put the bug in buddhism? It follows the logic of your book until where it says the final destination is to be swallowed in nothingness


It is not a bug. It is actually TRUE. Everything in the Universe actually WILL decay back to nothing. All truly evolved people have been openly talking about it, including Jesus: "The disciples said: 'tell us about the end'. Jesus said: Have you already discovered the beginning, that now you can seek after the end? For where the beginning is, the end will be" [Gospel of Thomas, 18]

Before this Universe decays completely, however, there may be an Intellect who will be willing and able to make another, possibly better Universe. For more information of how to Design the Universe, and remain conscious AFTER conducting a Big Bang please read this article


what are the reasons that the universe will decay?


The primary reason is that everything in the Universe (atoms, light, etc..) is just an oscillation. Oscilations induced initially by a cleverly designed Big Bang sooner or later are bound to stop.

Haven't you read an explanation in The Freedom of Choice book? For more details please read this article.


In The Book, Thao says that Buddha didn`t believe, but knew. That said, there`s something I`ve been thinking about for quite some time, but can`t get a hold of. I`m hoping you can help me see!So first, we know that Thao knows. Secondly, she says that Buddha knows. So the fact that Buddha knows is unquestionable. Now, here`s the thing: Buddha says that we can take rebirth as an animal. How can you explain this?


Knows WHAT?

What Buddha knew and what somebody wrote about him may be two totally different things.

Every advanced teaching from the ancient past has been twisted, edited and even perverted by those who just couldn't comprehend what was in front of their eyes.

For example, @2000 years ago a man tried to explain and then demonstrate the immortality of consciousness... Do you realize how distorted and perverted his teachings are today?


Ed, I can assure you that Buddha has never said that we can take rebirth as an animal. Buddha hasn't even said anything about reincarnation. The source of information is from `Sayings of Buddha` a publication by `An Asiapac Publication`

Buddha said that any beliefs that we accept as true without personal verification are called `superstition`. Buddha said he knew becuase he had verified `the beliefs` through his own realizations, practices and recognizing the fruits of manifestations of the essential universal truths.


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