A goal for meditation?

You know, that`s the problem with many techniques for spiritual advancement. They never tell you what to expect, so you never know if you`re there.

I think that holds true with meditation also.Is it always better to go into meditation with a question or a goal?


Spiritual development means "development of your INDIVIDUAL intellect".

It is quite easy to measure your own progress. Just watch how your UNDERSTANDING of the Reality of the Universe (and your own role in it) develops. If your UNDERSTANDING doesn't develop - then you need to modify your approach.

Keep asking yourself: `what do I understand TODAY that I didn't understand yesterday?`

The POINT of meditation is to SILENCE the mind and DO NOT THINK. From the point of view of meditation itself - it is quite irrelevant if you formulate your question or goal before it or not.

Result of a systematic meditation practice should be increasing your intellectual abilities between meditations. Your intellect should enjoy much higher levels of activity when it is free from cluttering thoughts and ideas.

On the other hand, formulation of your Final Goal is absolutely essential if you want to make progress. Make SURE that you start consciously imagining your Final Goal. How can you expect to achieve something without knowing what it is?


Thank you. I now have more understanding of what it is that I am after. Before, I knew that what I was doing was a good thing because it was making me aware of things that you can`t see or touch.I was becoming aware of another place. It proved to me that the people who speak of these things are telling the truth. It makes you feel so wonderful to begin to know that you are not going to disintigrate when you die and all of the earthly trials were pointless. It never did make sense to me that we were all an accident. Never.

But I needed to find the truth for myself and not just take other people`s word for it.

You know, in all of the books, hundreds, that I have read, I don`t remember any of them saying what you`ve said to me today. If I had come across this info, I would have had a clue.

I do remember the saying that meditating is listening to God, but that doesn`t really explain how it works and why. I`ve never UNDERSTOOD before that clearing the mind as best as one can is the goal which allows higher spiritual knowledge to come in.

If I didn`t get that right, please correct me. I must have something right because I feel like a door has been opened.

I prayed, whined, complained, threatened, and begged for enlightenment. I think they sent me Dr. Chalko.


If you haven't been seeking so sincerely - you would never find. Who is "they"? Isn't it YOU who is able not only to "look" but actually SEE?

Have you ever thought WHY "spiritual sloganology" has never made much sense to you? Have you ever thought WHY do you want to KNOW? Isn't it because YOU are truly sincere with your SELF? Isn't it because you see NO POINT of cheating yourSelf that you know when you really don't?

Prompted by your questions, I am just trying to express my own understanding. I feel honored that you find it useful in the development of yours.


You keep saying there is no `They`. There is only `You`.


This is NOT what I said. You found what YOU were looking for. What would happen if you didn`t look?


Question: Progress in any indeavour is almost a certainty.

What's happening to me is that I am starting to come out of my body. Now I think this is great even though it is scary. It seems to be a natural progression of events. Or is it?

If we are not supposed to know too much or certain things, is this a good thing, because I know that once I get out, I'll be hunting down some information. Your thoughts on this please.


You have The Freedom of Choice that is limited ONLY by what you can comprehend.

Before `hunting down information` ask yourself: `what would I do NEXT?`

The most logical for me is to aim to INCREASE the UNDERSTANDING, because it is my own understanding (or a lack of it) that limits my choices.


Once I can comprehend (truly) that there are no limits, then The sky is the limit, meaning I`m going as far as you can get.

Please remember that we have been brainwashed since we were born about what we can and can`t do. It takes some real thinking to begin to realize that the only one that stands in our way is OURSELVES. How many times have I heard that phrase and not understood it?


You are not the only one who was mis-educated, brainwashed and had difficulties in imagining the concept. It took me 40 years of thinking to admit the possiblility and then prove it to myself. Do you think that I expressed it well enough in The Freedom?


I`m sure you expressed it beautifully in The Freedom. I`ve read it twice and am going back for my third time.


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