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Hello, I just finished reading your book. I have always wondered about the meaning of life and noone understood me if i was talking about it. I understood this book immedeatly from the beginning to the end but I have never meditated or did anything to enhance spiritualism in my life. But I do understand your book. This book changes my view on things and everything I do, even this typing, is a wonderfull experience. I will learn meditation and concentration. It`s the freedom of choice as you told in your book. But i have one question to the maker of this book:

Writing this book and publishing it on the net for people to read, haven`t you stripped the people who read it from their own experience to discover everything you have written?Greetings from Bjorn

Bjorn Gerstel

I thought long and hard if I had a right to broadcast my conclusions. My decision to publish them in a book was based on the following:

1. Most people on Earth are totally entrapped by materialism and do not even begin to suspect how important some alternatives could be. I have chosen to give a hint what they could be missing

2. So-called "spirituality" on Earth is dominated by doctrines, gossip, beliefs, greed and misinformation. It has become a "business" or "industry". I have decided to give people an opportunity to read a report of an ordinary person who aimed for and reached The Light, free of charge.

3. I have concluded that my book won't be a "shortcut" to anyone's evolution. The most important part of everyone's homework (such as self-verification of my findings and exploration of alternatives) is left for every reader to undertake.


Dear Tom, I totally agree with your reasoning for publishing your conclusions in your book. Especially the 3rd reason.

You can never understand the true meaning of something unless you have experienced it yourself. When I read your book for the first time 2 years ago I honestly could not comprehend the first letter of the first word of what you weres trying to communicate (even though at the time I thought I could!!) Just recently I experienced something that felt like a massive spiritual awakening or a rebirth and I finally became a CONSCIOUS citizen of the Earth. It felt like that for my whole life I was living in darkness, I couldn`t see; but now the lights have been turned on and now I can see!!

So when I went back and read the book again, I saw the treasure, the TRUE meaning of the words! Many of the things I had come to REALize ALL MYSELF were written in your book! And one thing that I definitiely did realize was that books never give UNDERSTANDING, it is simply not possible.

But I sometimes get really saddened and depressed by people who do not really want to truly understand anything EVER. I also have to congratulate you for communicating your conclusions because for me at the moment it feels like communicating my thoughts exactly is the hardest part. With Love


I consider myself a slow thinker who develops very slowly. It took me @50 years to find out how to communicate without being misunderstood too much.

For many years I truly struggled, not only because I could not communicate effectively, but because I did not quite know myself what I was trying to express. I found that knowing languages doesn't help if you are unsure what to say...

After figuring out what I wanted to say, I decided to write it up in a way that minimized the possibility of misunderstanding. So I thought...

Since then I found out that people can understand ONLY what they want to understand and no one can really force them to change their mind... They have The Freedom of Choice...


Thank you so much for your advice Tom, but discipline to study the Self is so hard for me at the moment. Because the awakening was a result of studying the Self, it felt like I understood everything I ever wanted to and all my questions were answered!! (quite like the saying above). It just didn`t feel like it could get any better! And then when I felt like I was `coming back down to Earth` it seemed like most of the details had gone, but I can kind of remember them. But everything I had come to realise, I can`t seem to be able to put into practice very well. But you mention that the hardest thing for you is Self discipline to get motivated from within, why do YOU find it so difficult. For me it is because I feel like I am becoming just SO different from everyone that no-one will ever understand me. With Love


So, now you are ready to understand people who choose to live in isolation, such as hermits and ascetics. Development of consciousness occurs ONLY in the Self...

Only when you gain sufficient understanding of the Self, you will be able to understand other people's problems and inspire them to seek solutions. So, are you SURE that you understand yourself?

If you really cannot handle the situation of no one being able to understand you - please come to Mt Best. I will try my best.


Does that mean that anybody can come to Mr Best and ask for Your help in self developement ? Can I ???


When you demonstrate that you achieved some degree of understanding of what I publish (like Jackie did), you can come.


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