Accepting the life to live?

Regarding the `accepting of this current physical life` concept:

Was it my Intellect that chose to live this life and was then made to forget it (just before the life begun), or was it the Higher Self that made this choice for my own Intellect? or in conjunction with my own intellect?

Most likely your Higher Self kept presenting you with possibilities until you decided to accept one of them. Doesn't every teacher suggest a homework and exams for his/her pupils?


Also, if our entire life has `already been previewed` before we are born, then why the need for living it out, if we have already seen AND accumulated ALL the information from this life?

Life is a TEST whether you understand - or just DREAM that you do. You have the opportunity to TEST your understanding of the Universal Law - in the situation of autonomy, independence and when facing unexpected circumstances.


Also, is it reasonable to think about how was the VERY FIRST physical life chosen for my `astral being` - I mean, was the `choice range` infinite at the VERY beginning?


Would you let a baby to have an "infinite" range of choices for toys, including a nuclear reactor and a few bombs? Wouldn't you prepare certain choices for the baby? Before we are evolved enough - our Higher Self makes a lot of "suggestions", because our capacity to make choices is limited by our intellect.


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