Accidents in Nature?

Tom, I am curious about the idea of `accidents` in creation - which I understand as following the eternal and PERFECT natural law. I am inclined to think that there are no accidents in nature - however in the early parts of The Book, Thao explains that besides the appendix, parallel universes and albinos are all accidents in nature. I find this hard to entertain and out of line of all I thought I understood about the universe and The Creator. I may have missed something, but otherwise this is actually quite a disturbance, no?


Accidents are events (and their consequences) that are NOT intended to happen. They have not been in the Design or in the Grand Plan, but for one reason or another they happen.

A Perfect Design is quite unique. You are probably aware that for every good design there are many, sometimes infinitely many bad designs.

Hence, it is very important to design the Universe as a "control system" that is self-correcting, or preferably self-perfecting. For more details please read this article.


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