Addressing UN?

Hello Tom,I was wondering if you had ever considered addressing the UN about the plight of the planet. The danger that our planet is in is imminent, but perhaps if someone as enlightened and informed as you could make an address that outlined the cause-effect relationship of the way we are treating our planet and the increasing danger, then maybe we could make a difference. You have such a knack for explaining things so logically that surely someone would listen. Our planet is not beyond saving. I simply cannot believe that we MUST undergo such tragedy before anyone realizes what we are doing wrong. And if things don`t improve soon, the catastrophes will be the least of our problems. Our planet will no longer exist! I have considered attempting to address the UN myself, by I`m just a student, and you are an accomplished academic who could hold much more sway in their minds. If you ever do decide to undertake such an endeavour, and need help with any research or anything at all, let me know. I would be more than happy to help. Perhaps there is someone else on the forum who would like to help, or even undertake the task themselves. If we work together, they can`t ignore all of us. We could even make a commitment to write letters to the UN. And not to stop until we see results. And not just to the UN, but to our respective governments as well. If it means a chance to save our planet, surely it is worth a shot? Comments? Suggestions?

Luke Marty

My view is that the current establishment on Earth is corrupted and that there is little point of addressing it.

Instead, I try to inform People of Earth. Only when People of Earth unite by their Free Will, forget all differences and aim for important common goal (saving the planet) they can achieve significant changes. At present people cannot even begin to imagine any forthcoming disasters.

If people of Earth will not unite, they will learn far more and far quicker from sufferning consequences of following their corrupt leadership than if they were commanded by their leaders what to do. Among other things they will learn how irrelevant and misleading their leaders were.

At present most people seem fooled by totally fabricated issue of "terrorism". Just ask yourself "who benefits from the war on terror?" or "who benefits from the maximum possible public outrage?" and you will clearly see who funds all terrorists and who stages all provocations, including the 9/11. You will also see why those who know too much (or refused to cooperate) are isolated from the world without any rights whatsoever in countries where no one speaks their language.

Anyone who supports the "war on terror" also supports those who fabricate excuses for conducting the war. Anyone who supports the "war on terror" also supports those who fabricate excuses for changing laws that increase their grip on power.


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