Affordable land?

Hi Tom, This question may seem materialistic, but it is really for ultimate spriritual benefit for myself and others.

I have been wondering how you managed to afford that magnificent piece of land. As an ex-uni student, I am know that lecturers salaries are not that great. Given your excellent understanding of the material world I would love to hear any ideas of how I could perhaps do the same. Thank you


I bought the land ( because nobody wanted it. It is too far, too windy, too cold, too wild, too steep, too wet, too much wildlife (including snakes) and for this reason it was very cheap - about half of a cost of a 2 bedroom flat in the city.

I used my @20 year superanuation savings + proceeds from the sale of my city flat.

In order to find the place, I asked my Higher Self for a hint. After being given the locality - I visited it and bought the second property that I saw. Simple isn't it?


Very simple! But wouldn`t you then have to organise building a house on the land? I assume you already had a water bore that draws water from the water table deep in the ground.


I assembled a "kit" shelter myself. It is cyclone-proof and can handle earthquakes. See for details. As for the water - I collect rain.


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