Africans more advanced than us?

It seems that `silent` protest is happening against President Mugabe Regime. This process has shut down 80% of the country. See BBC news for details.


You need to read the entire article to find out that "stay home" attitude is the most efficient in shutting down 80% of the country.

Establishment always seems looking for pretexts to use force and spread fear.


In southern NJ there is a report that the authorities may *order* people to stay home under a red-alert. See this article.

The alert scale of `threat` is already set to orange, so any desired effects for leadership change and/or fundamental environmental and military policy changes, would instantly become immediately fruitless, once this is implemented, according to the framework laid out in the above weblink. Time seems to be running out.


Success of the protest depends not on just "staying home" but on REASONS people choose to join in. In particular, it depends on what news people choose to receive in order to stop their protest.

"Not appearances, but what is BEHIND them is the most important" [1].


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