Anti-war leaflet?

I got a leaflet that says:

It is an illegal war: international war doesn’t allow for 'pre-emptive strikes'
It is an unnecessary war :Iraq poses no threat to other states
It is gruesome murder of innocent people: the UN estimates that 30% of Iraqi Children under 5 could die of malnutrition as a result of this war.
The majority of people understand this.
That is why the biggest political demonstration this country has ever seen took place in February
That’s why the UN refuses to give their war its support.
That’s why the Government suffered the biggest rebellion of any British Government for centuries.
We must not let Bush and Blair, and perhaps most importantly, the Iraqi people, this disgusting war is waged in our name.

This leaflet doesn’t appeal me at all. It doesn’t make people think. It also seems to suggest that war can be legal. As Tom has said, so far people on Earth cannot even agree that war leads nowhere. It is so correct as illustrated by the above leaflet. Instead they should put something like,

War has started.
Can wars really stop terrorist attacks in America?
Will there be another war after Iraq?
Don't wars ignite and amplify hatred among people?
Why this war is SO URGENT for Bush ?
What are the hidden motives of Bush in this war?
He said he is helping the Iraqis to change the regime. Are his motives sincere?

I will be e-mailing them for the change.


The original leaflet is not even grammatically correct.

Perhaps people on Earth should begin acting coherently before more wars are declared "legal" and civilian protests become "illegal".

Shortly after Stalin or Hitler introduced similar "laws" - concentration camps were created to "accomodate" the growing number of those who continued to think. Do we REALLY need to go through this AGAIN?


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