Are we always human?

The good thing about this forum is that I am reminded about the spiritual side of my existence on a daily basis now. I actually feel that I am making some progress. Well done Tom !

Is it possible to live another physical life as a different species of animal or is it once human always human?


The Purpose of existence of the entire Universe is the development of our individual intellect. The more evolved our intellect is - the higher feelings we can experience and express.

In view of the above purpose, what would be the point of regressing to more primitive forms of life?

We are supposed to LEARN to exist by observing the entire Nature, including all living organisms. 2000 years ago it was expressed as follows:

"Learn to exist by passing by ..." [2].


81%, 19%: if the consciousness level {intelligence} possessed eventually at death by a person of supposed animalistic attitude {usually true {and yet still sometimes animalistic egos define nonanimalistic as animalistic in `society`}}, does next life for that human going to be as animal with full awareness? Is this possible? Would you know this answer it is a difficult question to ask properly. Basically most popular traditional ideas today on earth of reincarnation either scare people of eternal next life of misery, or next lives for very long time as this animal, that animal as in all consciousness of former hypothetical person now fully animal or plant family. Thats what I am asking.


Please read the answer above.

I can assure you that the more conscious you are, the greater is your ability to comprehend suffering and learn from it.

In view of the above, what would be the POINT of regressing to more primitive forms of life? If a student fails an examination at the University or a grade at school - would you send him back to the kindergarten? What for?


one question that arose in my mind as i was reading TFOC was What about animals? what happens to them when they die? do they have a higher self, etc? All in all the book was very informative and answered a lot of the questions that were lingering in my mind after reading the The Book.


I do not know what happens to consciousness of animals. I can only guess that every creature should have some path for evolution.

Since bacteria seems to remember experiences of bacteria that are dead for 50 years there must be some way of continuing the consciousness beyond one lifetime.


When the great intellect created the material world were all possible individual intellects created then?

Also would our first physical life be in a human body?

Maybe we progress through lower species of life until we can `cope` with a life in a human body.

I see your point that we have nothing to gain by regressing but perhaps we all started out as lower species.

It must be easier being a cow than a human!


I am pretty sure that each "ecosystem" was designed to contain all necessary species. I am also quite sure that we have been humans to begin with.

If evolution proceeded from simplest forms of life - then someone would notice bacteria to "evolve" into something else, other than bacteria.

The beauty of the Design is that every creature feels HAPPY, because of its limited intellect and limited memory resources. Can you imagine what would happen to humanity if bacteria started "envy" us that we can watch TV and compose music?


Hi! Why dog`s intelect is limited???I agree that my choices are limited by my intelect, but who limits intelect of the dog? Is it realy limited? I`m concerned here just about animals, even brief observation of wild life show that these creatures must be inteligent, however their inteligence differs from ours. If they do not buid cities, do not develop machinery and do not speak, that doesn`t mean they can`t use all their time to `grow spiritually`.

This is what I think. What`s a point for Great intelect to design creatures, which are limited? If we have absolute freedom of choice, the same must be and for all the rest life.


In a well designed ecosystem there are many processes and "jobs" to do. If everyone made PhD's then no one would enjoy working as a cleaner.

For example, bacteria LOVE decomposing waste. The Beauty of the Design is that bacteria are very happy when they do it. They CHOOSE doing it. The same with dogs. Dog is very happy being a dog, even if we give that dog lots of love and attention. Because a dog cannot IMAGINE being anything else other than a dog - it is very happy.

What amazes me is that every creature, no matter how limited is its intellect and how initial is its stage of evolution - can feel, experience, express and communicate Love. How it is done? Is is a coincidence?

Hence, my conclusion is that different creatures have been "allocated" different conscious resources to make them HAPPY fulfilling their roles in Nature.

Another possible reason is that creatures that have limited intelligence enable humans to study the evolution of intellect. Did you know that the intelligence (comprehension and the ability to draw conclusions) of a clever monkey is comparable to that of a 8 week old baby? The baby may become a genious, but monkeys enable studies of intelligence itself.


You said that we can't be animals in our future lives because it`s like taking a step back in our evolution but is it possible that we were animals in our past lives? And is it possible that a dog that lived many lives, finaly got to live in a human?


Highly unlikely. There are reasons for dog to be a dog. One of them is to experience happiness. See the response above.


If humans never evolved from animals and animals didn`t evolve from bacteria, then where do humans come from? Were our bodies, along with other animals and plants, simply created and placed on a planet?


In order to understand this we need to define what do we mean by "life".

Whether you agree or not, "life" is a system of information processing. The information is exchanged and processed between molecules and organs within any "living organism", between organisms and the environment/Universe.

Ask yourself "What is needed to initiate this information exchange (including organisms building themselves from atoms)?" and you will understand how to initiate life.

In principle it should be possible to make life by transmitting information (some kind of self-functioning software) across the Universe. For more details please read the "Chance and Choice" article at


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