Are we in control?

Hello Tom, I have a question about a subject you touch in your book; our Higher Self.

When something happens in our life, any event, how do we know if we created the situation or if the higher self arranged it? I guess it`s back to analyzing the self.


Usually BOTH, but each time proportions may be different.

When the situation appears to US a result of our OWN choices - it is clear that we (=our choices) are responsible for it.

When the situation seems IMPOSED on us - regardless of our previous choices - most likely it is a TEST for our intellect designed by someone else than us - maybe our Higher Self.

Life seems to be a TEST if we Understand or just dream that we do... Our choices indicate our degree of understanding.


In my life, I have been tested over and over again to aquire understanding. We are all children in the beginning and must learn to see that in others. Managing your own growth is one thing. Learning to cope with and understand others is more difficult for me.

I think the most difficult thing to manage are emotions. It is very easy to confuse emotions with logic. That sounds odd but it`s true.I keep thinking about what you said about having a plan. Knowing what you want and planning for it. Having tools for coping with different situations and implementing them as needed. That sounds very simple and I think it is. It seems like people plan for many things but not for their spiritual progress. It is confusing for most, I think, to know how to put this together.

Most people follow some kind of established religious sect. When you refuse to do that, they get confused.

Having a plan , knowing that anything is possible and having a sincere motives is all there is.I am lucky in that I know that anything is possible. I have pure faith. Now for the plan.


Don't forget about your Final Goal. Work on imagining it every day. The clearer you can imagine your Final Goal, the easier will be to see details of "the plan".


It isn`t happening. Back to the book for inspiration.


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