Are we near one another?

Dear Tom, I`ve just finished your book `Freedom of choice`... I`ve read a lot, about these philosofies, I love Einstsein, I`ve taken courses, I`ve spent my whole life thinking and searching for... and I can tell you your book is amazing. You explain it so easy but at the same time wide and deep... Thank you for giving us the oportunity to share your knowledge...and to be here so near...

I would like to Thank you not only the opportunity to read your book but also this reader's forum, the book is the beginning... here we all, wherever we are, we can together think and share, what allows us going further

With all my love

Bernardete (Portugal)

Thank you for your kind words. A book is only useful when it inspires readers to THINK and advance themselves.

In my own "search" I found that one of the greatest pleasures of conscious existence is finding people who are "on the same wavelength" and communicating with them. I thank You and all the Readers for "tuning in" at and outside this Forum. I learn more from your questions than from my own...


Dear Tom, You have done a great job. I am sure that there are many people that benefit a lot from your discussion page and answers, and since it is based around the freedom of choice, it is totally compatible with the purpose of the universe.

Also you practice what you preach by putting the books on the net for free. Well done. While I have the option of a free download, I will exercise my freedom of choice and spend some money on the book 'freedom of choice'. When we really contemplate this idea, there truly are no limits. Well done!!!


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