Aren't we lucky?

So if I understand well, if we progress enough, we will one day become god like beings, we will create our own universes, and split our-selves into new forms of wonderful creatures and intelligent beings to perpetuate the never ending cycle of spiritual progress. This means that there can never be enlightment! seeking enlightment would be like chasing the horizon line.


Of course, there cannot be any limit to intellectual and spiritual development for ANYONE, including the Great Intellect. Even if the resources (such as the memory capacity of the Universe)are limited - we can find ways to utilize them better. There cannot be any limit, except the one that we create ourselves.


But how did God manage to get to his positionof creator of the universe without the help of the material world? and in complete loneliness!If you let a child grow up in a box all by him self, The chances our that he will end up completely screwed-up! Conclusion: progress is going to be a lot easier for us than it was for our creator!! We do not know our luck!


I wouldn't call it "luck". The entire Universe was specifically Designed to assist us (Autonomous Individual Intellects) in our development.

The way I woud express what you mean is that most people just DO NOT APPRECIATE what they have. "They have eyes and do not see..."

The Great Intellect knows ITSELF. It knows exactly how difficult it was to evolve alone in the darkness. We do not know how long it took and how many disaster recoveries were necessary.

I cannot imagine anyone intelligent who would put their children alone in the dark to evolve. Can you? This is why I am quite sure that one of the key functions of the Universe is to assist us in our development. There only assumptions I need to make is that the Universe had the beginning and that the Designer of the Universe is intelligent.


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