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I found your book The Freedom of Choice as a young adult and used a lot of the information practically over the last decade. I even bought and wore the T shirt for a long time. Some of the major life lessons and decisions I made after reading the books were:

1. I let go of an idiotic and oppressive fear of hell
2. I felt true peace with my place in the universe
3. I volunteered with the Red Cross after a severe natural disaster (from what I understood the Thiaoouba Prophecy supported this organization for some reason)
4. I consciously decided that my way to bring positive energy into my life and potentially others was to "go against the grain" and develop a skill using my educate myself.
5. Was opened enough to receive an OBE message from my higher self (still working on fulfilling the "advice")

I am writing this comment after searching the forum for the topic of "art" with no results. I found a passion in this life and I have spent the last decade developing the tools of the trade, learning and training my focus. It is an ever on going affair.  I suppose I am wondering if you have any thoughts about visual art, if and what it can do for the world, and why. This may seem off the topic of your teachings, but in my mind I keep toying with the ideas of auras, complimentary colors of light, consciousness, colors of culture etc. and incorporating those ideas in traditional visual art. Some mainstream artists like Alex Gray have had success creating spiritual themed art but it seems a bit on the surface to ME.  I have a strong taste for representational art and subjects of nature.

I suppose if you indeed were to respond to this you may have me examine the word "success" and "spiritual" so I ought to be clear about my motives in this post. I am developing an artistic voice and am interested in what kind of artwork Dr. Tom Chalko puts on his walls, if any, and what makes art good and meaningful? If I recall you did mention something about enlightened artists creating aura's around holy figures. I don't see aura's, though I have a rough understanding of the science behind painting and drawing. It would be great to make a visual experience that could strike someone on a higher note, a visual synesthesia if you will. Perhaps that someone would be me.

Just in case I sound vague... do you have anything insightful or interesting to say about the subject of art? JME 26-06-2014

Thank you for sharing your views and helping to widen the discussion at this Forum.

I am sure you already know that Art is quite unique and frequently very satisfying way of expressing ourselves for other people to see.

Creating Art is a special way to manifest yourself and communicate important aspects of your consciousness to other people, such as
- your sense of beauty and harmony
- your awareness
- your views on Life and things that you consider important
- your intelligence and intellect
- your imagination
- your understanding of reality that surrounds us
- your skills
- your intentions

Creating Art to manifest ourselves can be considered an activity that is similar and as fundamental to conscious existence as imagining and creating the Universe by GI to manifest itself.

Urge to create art to express personalities and important ideas have always been universally present in the history of humanity on Earth, in every society and every culture.

Objects of artistic nature relate very directly to the degree of advancement of any civilization and people who created it.

Many individuals who made contributions to humanity had quite close association with art. Even if they were not artists themselves like Leonardo da Vinci or Bach, they embraced some form of creative art such as playing musical instrument, like Einstein for example.

Art is known to be able to break barriers between cultures, dogmas, social doctrines and paradigms and provide inspiration to very wide audiences.
Art has been and is being used now inside oppressive regimes that restrict the Freedom of Choice of their people to gradually weaken and eventually shake off the opression.

For me personally, art as a way of expressing myself is as important in my personal life as any other activity.

I have chosen classical guitar when I was about 21 years old (as a second faculty to study) and in my student years I sometimes succeded moving my student audience to tears with the choice music that I played and my thoughts that accompanied the music.

In recent years I play music mainly for myself and sometimes for friends and visitors to my mountain retreat. Sometimes music that I composed is used in wildlife documentaries ("The Dance of the Lyrebird" by Tessy and Bernd Amesriter).

Music has always had significant impact on my mood and state of mind, more than visual art.
In 1990s I started to wonder "why" and why can't I create something visual that would be as simulating to my mood as music.
Result of my experiments is so-called "bioresonant pattern" that most people find positively stumulating, even if they openly express their skepticism.

When I was lecturing at the University of Melbourne, some of students there studied for exams wearing bioresonant tshirts, because they noticed improvements in their ability to concentrate and understand. Some students turned for ther key examinations wearing their bioresonant tshirts.

Most walls in my house are not vertical and it is quite tricky to hang things on them.
But internal walls that are vertical hold some art: 2 oil paintings by repected Polish artist, 3 drawings of my 5 yo grand-daughter, 1 oil painting by Jewish artist Yaari (related to Toyota Yari model) with the choice of pigments inspired by my work on bioresonant pattern in 1990s, 2 oil paintings of my daughter, and 5 large prints of my astronomical photos.

I consider astronomic images as objects of beauty, an Art created by GI for us to admire.

You are correct with me doubting the meaning of words "success" and "spirituality", but Art is not limited to any "success" or any "topic". Art is as fundamental way of expressing youself to any intelligent observer as your speech, behavior, your lifestyle, your other forms of communication and your choices.

By creating Art you actually show to whoever can perceive your Art how beautiful you Really Are.

Tom 26-06-2014

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