Attached to anyone?

Hi Tom, In one of your replies you say we shouldn`t get attached to anything and anyone. I could agree with the first one but refuse the second one. Are you a heartless monster with no emotions or feelings for anyone? You say that even god created the universe with other inteligent beings because he felt lonely and needed feelings. He wanted to be emotionaly attached to someone,so what the hell are you talking about?


When you truly Love someone - you make him/her FREE. The more you Love - the more Freedom you give.

Attachment is exactly the opposite - you create various "dependencies" and constrain other people's Freedom of Choice. The more primitive are your feelings - the more you constrain other people's Freedom of Choice.

Cultivating and expecting attachments has a profound influence on your psyche, well being and the speed on your spiritual and intellectual evolution. Only if you "let go" can you express and experience true Love.


That is a great thought. I understand it and fully agree with it. Yet I am not sure how to put it into practice.

My intellect is still not evolved to the point where I can totally suppress my fear of rejection and love somebody unconditionally. Can you offer some practical advice on how to make this happen?


Everyone, myself included, has the same problem. What works for me (eventually - not immediately) is when I insist on putting my feelings in the WIDER context - my Purpose of my own Existence in the Universe.

I really feels good when I focus on imagining MY goal in the Universe and I MEAN it.


I think being rejected, facing fear and taking a few knock backs is all part of living. You have to take the plunge and participate in life. Even with a partner we still have moments of rejection, loneliness and great sadness. Not one person can make you happy. I find you have to learn to like yourself, to keep learning, to continue to develop yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. I find sometimes I can love lots of people for the way they are, the things they say or/and because they seem to be kind, generous, spiritual people. Other times I see a lot of evil and people who don`t give a dam about others. I try to take each day as it comes and just love living, the sun shining etc. etc. Georgy take the plunge, try loving someone, the main thing is to believe in yourself and if it doesn`t work then so what you gave it your best shot! Who said `It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all?? Having many great friends would also be better than having one violent or aggressive partner hanging on anyway. Go for it, you really have nothing to lose!


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