Back to the book for more ideas?

When I read your Forum headlines and reader's feedback - they always make me think of going back to the book for yet another look.

Every time I do that, I feel that I am off on another path of thinking.

I (obviously) love the Forum. I think I`ve proven that. Thank you,


I wrote The Freedom one goal in mind - to inspire people to THINK for themselves. Thank you for your contribution to the Forum. I learn a lot from your questions.


Same here, Belle, thank you. Tom, one of my favourite pieces of info in Thiaoouba Prophecy is that by following Nature as closely as possible, progress can occur on the swiftest path. My understanding is that this can include diet, surroundings and job. Meditation, concentration also. What is your understanding of this advice?


Take example from Nature. Learn from Nature. Study Nature. Study and try to understand the DESIGN of the Great Intellect. Learning from Nature is learning directly from the Great Intellect.


A question that is in my mind now is `What is natural?` If I come to the conclusion that `This isn`t natural`, then why should I learn and use it? Everything that we humans have created isn`t natural. Internet isn`t natural. But still I learn a lot from it.


You have the Freedom of Choice to use any tool and learn anything that interests you. Thaora just says is that it is BEST to `follow Nature`.

Are you sure that using Internet as a means to exchange the information doesn't slow down development of your natural telepathic abilities?

When you die - which skill will be more useful - ability to use the Internet or telepathy? Which skill will enable you to progress FASTER in the Universe?

Strictly speaking, you don't really `learn` anything from the Internet itself - you learn from OTHER Individual Intellects who put the information there.


About learning things... Take anything you feel totally uninterested to do, for example learning to use a drill. If I feel that this isn`t necessary at all for my intellect to develop, there can`t be any reason doing it, right?


Are you SURE that the lack of interest (and the lack of motivation) is not caused by your limited understanding of the purpose and benefits of the ability to use a drill?

Adopting your approach in life, one can come to the conclusion that "I am totally uninterested in anything, my intellect is OK as it is, therefore I can sleep all day and drink beer, cause I like getting stoned..."

Our choices are determined and limited by our intellect...


If one comes to that conclusion from my statement, I feel sorry for them.

I choose not to learn certain things because they fill my consciousness with garbage. Why would I want to do that?


I was just trying to explore your `recipe for making choices` by taking it to the extreme. Of course you SHOULD have your preferences. Above example demonstrates possible dangers of dismissing possibilities to learn things.

My approach is to TRY TO SEE A LESSON in everything that comes our way. You never know what skill may become handy...


That is also my approach. But some things I just can`t see any reason of learning, like learning to use a weapon. And if we should follow nature as close as possible, we should get away from this society right away. But I don`t want to live like a stone-age man in the middle of a forest, only because the technology on this planet is far from `natural`.

I want to have a comfortable life and develop my intellect, not just trying to survive.


I agree with you, if you really can take advantage of 'comfort' and discipline yourself to make progress. So many people just get lazy...

Can you admit the possibility that some people may actually learn more about Nature and progress faster, when they need to design their `survival`?


That must be on a very basic level. It`s hard for me to imagine quick progess when you have to put all your energy into making fire, hunt for food, sow and harvest food, etc etc...


All depends what YOU call `progress`. Are you SURE that you won't learn more by interacting DIRECTLY with Nature?

Speaking from my own personal experience, I can assure you, that I have learnt A LOT when I was suffering and HAD TO think about survival.

Looking back, I would possibly never wake up to the Reality of the Universe, if I didn't have to design and conduct my own survival.


I went on a `survival trip` once, and I was freezing, very tired and hungry all the time. From that experience I came to the conclusion that it`s not good for me. I suffered, and don`t want to do that again.

I would love to interact directly with nature like they do on Thiaoouba, but I can`t. I don`t have the knowledge yet.

I see that as a basic understanding. Take care of the tool (physical body), and use it to help develop the mind. For me, the best way to take care of the tool is to have a comfortable life.


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