Balancing the energy?

Dear Tom, Could you please tell me ways to increase my energy levels (apart from meditation, concentration exercise, bio- garments)...may be providing useful pointers.

I also feel than increasing your energy is not enough but also `balancing` is required. How can one achieve such balancing of energy?


The most effective is to find a REASON for YOUR OWN existence. I have tried to describe my point of view in The Freedom book.

The motivation for action (you may call it "energy") that appears as a result of realization of YOUR purpose of Life is almost indescribable. This motivation will make you WANT to work 20 hours a day and engage in very fulfilling and satisfying activities.

The satisfaction that you achieve WITHIN yourself, by increasing your understanding of your Self and the Reality of the Universe, is SO profound, that cannot be spoiled by others who try to ridicule or even hurt you. Some people in such a state didn't mind being crucified...

You are correct about the balance. My father was a very good driver. His key saying was "Good drivers are those who can brake well". The wisdom of this saying applies to many aspects of our life. After developing an unstoppable enthusiasm for Life and Self development you need to exercise caution when you share it with other people. They may be not ready for it.


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