Every time when I walk along the street, I see beggars. Well, they are certainly in need of help. They usually ask for money. I dont know whether I should give them. Even if I give them some money, they will still continue begging. Besides, by giving the money, I indirectly tell them that money is important in life. That`s certainly make me guilty. If I dont give them, it makes me feel helpless. And certainly they will see how inhuman I am. Usually I just pass and say no. Sometimes, I have the feeling to scold them how can they can end up like that as they have brain, legs and hands......None of them are old. Besides,UK as a welfare state, the government looks after the unemployed people. Such people can easily get benefit. I wonder maybe they can easily get more money from being beggars than getting money from the government....


Quite possibly.

There are people who choose to WAIT until someone will do something for them. Making conscious choices always takes effort. Waiting for someone to do something is much easier...

I have seen beggars and experienced mixed feelings myself so I agree with all your conclusions.

My current attitude is that I respect the Freedom of Choice of those who choose to beg. How else can they learn about consequences of their actions? I tried to give some of them The Freedom of Choice book, but they are not even interested...

I cannot help them if they do not want the help that I choose to offer. I have the Freedom of Choice too...


It is my belief that even beggars have lessons to teach us about ourselves. For us to accept them as they are we should not judge their circumstances - we have no right to judge others unless we do it right-use-ly. By simply knowing that it is their choice we accept them as they are. Send them love (as you would to anyone else) and if you feel the need give them help which ever way you wish, that too is your choice.

Tom, even you say that you experience mixed feelings - why is it that you feel that way? Is it through fear/anger? Analyse your feelings and then you will know the lesson that individual has taught you.

Our reaction to situations is the lesson we need to learn. Identify with it. Name it. Then let it go. Know that you have identified/named and released your lesson. It shouldn`t need to be a concern to you again or repeated again. We are all Spiritual Beings only having an Earthly experience. Their purpose this time around might just be to teach us all the lessons we need to know. Some beggars are simply happy being who they are. Why??


I feel sad that beggars cannot figure out anything more intelligent to do. Please read my response above once again. I cannot express myself any better.


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