Beginning of Spacetime?

Tom, how can the Great Intellect have had `time` to evolve itself, if both `time` and `space` are a result of the Big Bang?


You need to ask this question to those who define such a 'space' and such a 'time'. To me such a definition smells like a doctrine.

Our own perception of time for example is totally subjective. It is likely that such a perception is similar to perception of any intellect in the Universe.

Time for YOU starts whenever you become aware of it.


Hi Tom, Am I right in thinking that the Great Intellect developed OUT of the nothing rather than suddenly appearing in it.

Therefore the nothing became the Great Intellect, not instantaneously of course but over a great period.

If so then how is this possible that nothing can develop into something. Surely nothing is nothing.


Sure. Intellect IS nothing material. IDEA is nothing material.

Intellect, at any stage of its evolution, can IMAGINE and Design some vibration that we now call "material Reality". I wish I knew in detail how the Great Intellect evolved from Nothing. My understanding so far is published in this article.


I have always asked the question why is there anything at all. If there was nothing before the big bang why was it necessary to have anything at all. Where did the Great Intellect come from. Although `The Freedom of Choice` mentions nothingness I cannot see why it could not remain that way.


It could, for sure. And most likely it DID for quite some time. There also could be some "random perturbances" of Nothingness that somehow managed to organize themselves to store INFORMATION and develop memory and intelligence. Please read this article for more details.

Also, "where the Beginning has been - the End will be" [1]. Everything material in this Universe will one day in a distant future cease to exist.


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