Believing or knowing?

Hi Tom, What do you see the key differences are between believing, knowing and thinking we know.


Beliefs have little to do with the Observable Reality of the Universe. At best, they are based on misinterpretation and misunderstanding of some Real Events. For this reason, believers do not feel any need to verify anything. They don't like to discuss alternatives and feel offended/upset if anyone dares to challenge foundations of their beliefs.

In contrast, those who aim to "know" constantly seek verification of their knowledge in Observable Reality. They constantly seek and analyse alternatives in search for "better explanation". To test their knowledge they make predictions of future events on the basis of their understanding of past and current observations of Reality. Any disagreement of their "knowledge" with observable Reality causes them to revise and rebuild foundations of their "knowledge" from scratch. Hence, those who seek to know are bound to change their understanding as they evolve.

It is important to note, however, that at any stage of their evolution their conclusions are determined and limited by their Intellect and their Imagination. Can anyone know anything that he/she cannot imagine or cannot understand?

Those who begin to know, become aware how much they do not know. Rather that getting depressed by self-admitted ignorance, they expand the context of their analysis and seek methods to improve their ability to understand.

Those who "begin to know" avoid perception changing stimulants such as drugs or alcohol, simply because such people don't enjoy feeling any more stupid than they really are. They appreciate their ability to understand (=their Intellect).


Brilliant. You`ve just described the last 5 years of my life since I read `Thiaoouba Prophecy` and `Freedom of Choice`. [ZD]

Now, at what point of life one who constantly seeks verification of his knowledge in Observable Reality and is ready to revise and rebuild foundations of his `knowledge` from scratch, stops and publishes a book about ideas which he is certain and `SURE` about them?


At any time anyone can express/publish his/her current understanding of Reality. (limited by his/her intellect). This doesn't mean that one stopped searching or stopped evolving.

You seem in need to read The Freedom book many more times, because you seem to miss the point of this presentation. It openly and explicitly provokes a reader to develop his/her OWN explanation. Do you have any?


If the Universe is manifestation of Great Intellect, you can consider The Freedom book to be manifestation of yours...


Actually it is. You can see how much I still have to learn...


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