Cloth of Turin?

Tom,I friend made the comment that the cloth of turin is only 600 years old acording to the latest tests? In the book Thao mentions this subject but only comments here is the answer to your question, but actually never states it clearly. How old is the Cloth of Turin?


The age of the "cloth of Turin" is no more relevant than the age of the cloth that you wash you floor with.

Clothes, crosses, donkeys and other accessories are completely irrelevant. Considering them is PURE IDOLATRY.

Try to imagine how could anyone prove the immortality of consciousness to people who don't even suspect it. He would need to die and then come back, right?

"The greatest danger concerns materialism..." as Thaoraexpressed it. Try to remember this. Use your Intellect.


Hi Tom, Thanks for your answer about the cloth of Turin, I do understand what you saying. I was only trying to clarify this point in the book for myself and others. I thought because Thao mentions it, it had to be relevant as much as thethe box holding Ouriki`s lock of hair in a tomb in Shingo (Herai) Japan.


The main evidence in Herai is totally non material. It is a product of Intellect - a song SO cleverly written that it explains and proves in 3 lines MORE than many books.

Have you seen The Herai page ?

Thao mentioned Cloth of Turin specifically to demonstrate that providing material evidence doesn't make the slightest sense.

All evidence is always in the Intellect. If Intellect cannot comprehend the possibility - no proof is possible. Please search this forum for "proof" for more details.


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