How Safe is Out of Body?

After fifty years of watching the things that go on on this planet, and not understanding,(though trying very hard), I WANT IT ALL.

I want to know who I am, why I`m here, where I was before I was here. When I get out of my body there will be a lightening flash seen around the world. I will surround this planet with a golden halo of love for all. I will find as much truth as is available and bring it back with me, if I`m allowed.

I have a feeling that seeing and knowing everything requires a great deal of wisdom and if the wisdom is not there, it could be devastating.I don`t know why I feel that, but I do.If I`m not ready now, I never will be. I`d rather crash a couple of times than never try.

You know that brings up a question: I had a very scary experience when I did get out before. I ran right into a brick wall and something awful happened to me. The awful thing doesn`t really matter, but it seems that one would need to know what can happen to you when you`re out of body.

What`s out there Dr. Chalko? Where was my protection? Do we have protection?


We live in physical body in order to LEARN to exist. "Learn to exist by passing by and OBSERVING..." as one wise man kept saying 2000 years ago.

WHY would one want to go OUT of the body? My motive was to explore HOW FAR I can go in the Universe and how MUCH can I understand about it. This is the ONLY direction that has ever interested me. I have summarized its exploration in The Freedom of Choice (`Concentration on inner sound` chapter).

I found that aiming for The Light is safe, but quite challenging. Reaching The Light seems possible "by invitation only" to start with. I have found that it is The Light that contains everything that I ever wanted to understand.

As to what ELSE is out there I simply do not know nor have any particular desire to find out. Do you have a desire to enroll in a kindergarten to re-learn how to play Leggo?

I had only one moderately unpleasant experience that I can recall - unpleasant because it seemed to happen AGAINST my will. Since I knew only ONE truly blissful and Loving thing out there - The Light - I called it in my mind and I was back faster than I could notice.


Thank you, that is what I will do if I get scared out there.

See, I want to know why things like that happen. If there is no evil, then what the heck is going on out there?


There must be a lot of rubbish there too. Imagine billions of people who died on Earth without ever understanding anything, who are still unwilling to learn and advance. Logically, they must be `blocked` from polluting the Universe with their attitude, but they have to `exist somewhere`.

Would you be interested to examine a rubbish tip just to find out what is there?

Much like with any `psychic attack`, primitive intellects may try to scare you - but they can succeed ONLY if you surrender your autonomy YOURSELF and forget WHO you are. Exactly as in your everyday life...


In your last reply you described a place where failed intellects go. Logically this makes a lot of sense. I was just interested in exploring any parallels between what you describe and the concept of `hell` in most Earth religions. Although very distorted there seems to be some truth in that concept. Do you have any thoughts on this?


What is called "hell" is not any particular "place", but a "state of mind" that people develop THEMSELVES.

For someone who lives in Fear of God, for example, this fear may continue forever after death..., unless the intellect concerned develops a desire to develop itself, rather than remain stupid. It is all about The Freedom of Choice...


I especially enjoyed the way hell was depicted in the movie `What dreams may come`. It was a prison created in the main character`s wife`s MIND. I had never believed in a `hell` until I saw that movie. Now it makes sense. I can see how people over the centuries came up with their own versions of hell to impose on others. [Elaine]

If I have to go through a rubbish heap to get to where I`m going, yes, I do want to know what the rubbish heap consists of, why it`s there and how to cope with it. If I know these things, then I have the understanding of them, and have power over them which is what I`m going to need in my travels. It would remove the fear that would naturally develop in situations like this. When you do get out of your body and KNOW once and for all that you are SPIRIT and not just a bag of bones, I would think that one would want that to be a wonderful experience. If you are attacked by some vagabond spirit, that would surely ruin the experience.

I was taught in my studies of Kabbalah, to always concentrate on one (1). God. Doing this before you do anything gives you protection from chaotic energies. I haven`t been able to put this to the test yet, but it does seem logical.


Isn't it what I was trying to tell you? AIM for The Light. Name doesn't really matter - what we MEAN is important. This is the best, safe and the most satisfying direction.

When you decide to examine the tip - be prepared to cope with mountains of rubbish. Does it make sense?


Elaine- I agree- good movie (as far as hollywood goes). Isn`t the universe a `mind` creation of God; isn`t everything that exists in the same `domain`? The movie depicted not only hell, but all after death existence as being mind stuff.

I think this applies to material reality also. Why is it so hard to develop the mind? Well, I guess the creator went through a similar path in its own development and we were created with the opportunity to develop the same way. Isn`t that what Tom is saying? Aim for a goal which is the same as our creator`s, or at least as close as our understading allows?


We have toys to play with (Nature and The Universe) and each other - so we can learn FASTER than if we were alone in the dark. This feature of the Design gives us a chance to "catch up" with The Great Intellect, who is also evolving.

Imagine children with no toys and alone in the dark. Wouldn't they have a hard time learning anything?

When children have clever toys and interact with others - some of them may eventually aim to become as clever as their teacher...


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