Meditation techniques - how to choose mantra?

Dr. Chalko, are all mantras in sanskirt? What is the correct way to choose mantra`s to chant? I see chanting as praying, It`s like doing the rosary, only a lot easier for me. I`ve noticed that there are all of these deity`s in the mantras. Is Rama a name for God or is it some deity that they believed in?


The intent of the mantra is to have NO meaning - to assist us achieving a meditative state of "blank" mind. It truly doesn't matter if they mean something in Sanskrit, Mandarin or Eskimo language and "who believes in what".

The common thing for all mantras are two types of SOUNDS: open low frequency sounds "o", "u" or "a" that resonate with the lower parts of our body and NASAL sounds like "m", "n" that resonate within the head.

You can sing your favorite Bach cantata using these two types of sounds instead of words - after sufficient number of repeats the result will match the best mantra.

Try to "IMAGINE" chanting your mantra in your MIND, rather than aloud. The effect on your MIND should be quite similar - entering a meditative state. The benefit of learning to do it is that you can do it anytime anywhere in public, or when someone tries to upset you.


Yep, the sounds are in there.Thanks, I feel better.After chanting this 80 million times, it`s in my mind all the time. I`m glad to hear that it is a good thing.


Consider keeping your mantra to yourself. There is a possiblility that some less evolved people may use it to influence your behavior.

It HAS happened before - in those sects that promote identical mantras (or prayers) for everyone. Using such "mantras" flocks of people can be lead into a semi-hypnotic trans or hysteria instead of THINKING for themselves.


Oops. The minute that I read that, I remembered what you said in the The Freedom Of Choice, which makes sense. Now, I will create a new mantra.


Be careful. It will take some time before any new mantra will work better than the current one. How many people remember your mantra??


I am so much the individualist, I will never be around groups of people for any spiritual reasons. I don`t trust most groups and I can`t stay centered around them. I have to be by myself. I see the importance of keeping it to myself, I admit that I did not think of that before.

If you think it would be safer to change it, no problem. If you think it`s OK to keep it, that`s easier. I appreciate the input.


Don't change your mantra if it works for you and you don't notice strange appearances of it.


Could the Lords Prayer and other such common `mantras` be considered a method to control? Is it strange that Jesus is refered to as the Sheperd?


Yes, it is strange. Jesus has never posed as a sheppard and never referred to people as a FLOCK.

You are correct, common prayers can be considered as common mantras. They are sometimes used to induce a state of "collective hypnosis" or a "collective euforia". The aim of such practices is preventing people from thinking independently.


Does it help for the `bead method` as in a way of repeating the mantra out loud, before being in public, when it would then be used in my mind? Do beads help or hinder?


I don't know. Try things out and see what works best for you.


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