Tom, I haven't seen a reference to alcohol...Does it do the same kind of damage to the astral body?Chuck

Chuck F

Alcohol is known to alter our perception of Reality and for this reason should be avoided.

Living under the influence of alcohol is like taking an anaesthetic and putting your hand into a boiling water. You don't even feel the damage.

In the case of alcohol intoxication the damage is not so much physical, but primarily in the domain of the Intellect and awareness. Remember that we "program" our consciousness ourselves.

Alcohol in moderate amounts is less dangerous than hallucinogenic drugs. It doesn't eject the Astral body (our consciousness) out of our physical body as many drugs do. Consciously perceived sensations are modified by alcohol intoxication, but these modifications are less extreme than in the case of drugs.


If drugs {dont forget to include acceptable legal ones for medical procedure} eject the consciousness to a wrong 'sphere', what is the mind functioning from, since observing a person in this state one would clearly not see them pass out -- is it a sort of 'zombie' phenomenon? I would guess the subconscious {and the mechanism - oh wait I think I can explain in mechanistically - 'reversal of conscoius evolution' means the consciousness 'ejects' as you say, so {this term really helps me to finally solidify it in my mind - now I can move on to other topics!} then instead of developing a self from gd through the higherself{s} to the individual's conscoiusness, then storing the subconscious, and eliminating 'pieces' of garbage, instead .... the GARBAGE transmits to the user's {willing or unwilling} subconscious, then storing itself into the rest of the functional consciousness {or psyche} while the {mind} section} is interpreted as garbage by the mind while in this 'sphere', and so THAT gets thrown away! Yuck!


My guess is that the first functions that are disrupted due to intoxication are "higher" functions of the mind such as the ability for abstract thinking, logic, higher feelings etc...

In the absence of advanced functions of the mind - the primitive part of consciousness (that requires less resources) start to dominate. Behaviour of intoxicated people seems to be dominated by primitive instincts.

In other words, toxins disrupt advanced functions of the mind much more than the elementary functions needed for "survival". As a result we observe a personality change during intoxication.


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