Anyone else studying the Self?

Hi Tom. It seems to me that most of the readers on this forum are happy to go along with everything you say. This occurs despite your best attempts to convey the importance of studying the self, and how this in depth study has enabled you yourself to draw your own conclusions about the meaning and purpose of the universe. Many of the comments posted are really just your readers repeating and regurgitating what you have said either in your own books or on this forum.

I challenge any of the people that communicate through this forum to really start using some of the questions that you pose to examine themselves and the purpose of the universe. Folks, these are not the only questions you can use. What about 'Who am I'. What about 'What are the most effective tools to transmit negative feelings and suffering into joy and grattitude. What are some of the more valid and reliable ways to determine that any information that you receive in meditation is from your higher self? Many of the questions Tom poses are quite useful, but only if you use them yourself to study yourself in depth. Stop being so lazy and blindly following TOM's conclusions and do your own study and research. How many of you people who have commented about the higher self have actually left the physical body and directly contacted the higher self as Tom has done. Or how many of you have actually learnt to do this through other means besides separating yourself from your physical body. Many of you go on continually about having radical ideas, and yet whose ideas are they?? How many of you just believe TOM without actually examining what he says for yourself. Wake up and turn this forum into an equal exchange. Stop relying on Tom to do all the work for you!


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I don't think that it is a coincidence that TOM is moderating this forum. Or that HE has created the pages of BIORESONANT. I also don't think that it is a coincidence that HE is a personal friend of Michel Desmarquet. And that HE decided to give a positive example of studying himself, so that he can communicate his ideas to some of us.

I can only speak for myself. I discovered the pages of Aura research FIRST. Only after reading them I discovered Michel's extraordinary story and THEN I discovered The Freedom of Choice book. I think that I have to learn comparatively slowly. Only at a certain stage of understanding I can proceed with more difficult and challenging things.

And to defend all the people, that in your opinion 'recite' Toms ideas: it is important that they (including myself) exercise their minds, by formulating Toms insights in their own words. This is a good start, isn't it? Didn't you start in a similar way? [Motz]

Indeed. I too found by searching for information on seeing the human aura, after which i learned of thiaoouba prohpecy and the freedom of choice. I read The Freedom of Choice, then Thiaoouba Prophecy, and purchased a chakra shirt.

Months later, I re-read The Freedom of Choice, and it was only then that i realised how much i had truly understood what Tom had said, because i had found it helping me in my way of living, at a time when i had been insecure.

Mr Fujisawa

It is much better to act according to your own understanding rather than just follow someone's advice.

Misunderstandings are a perpetual cause of suffering.


Like Paul and Mr. Fujisawa, I found TFoC after finding other info on Thiaoouba. TFoC did't taught me much, for I had already learned many of the lessons Tom showed in the book (please, I'm not trying to boast), but it reminded me of these lessons, how and why I learned them. I've been studying the self since early childhood, which has been very important to my spiritual development.

Paul reminded me of something I do very often: agreeing to an idea, mercillesly analyze it and then put it to some practical use. After reading TFoC, I tried giving it to close friends and people, but NONE of them were open enough to analyze it. It saddens me to see people enclosed in such small worlds. One thing I learned different from Tom and others is actually let my Higher Self express through the subconcious. When I do this effectively, I completely forget about the ego and feel bliss, but the consciousness is so contaminated my the material world, that it kicks back in. I generally do this by keeping a possitive attitude, thinking on how/why to learn and think and trying to beat self-set fears.


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