Are you vegetarian?

Hi Tom, I have a question regarding health, not very suitable in this forum, but hope it will be interesting for others as well. You are writing in 'The Joy of Perfect Health' that humans are not designed to eat meat and I like this idea.

In my local newspaper I found however, that meat (red meat in particular) are the major supplier of vitamin B12, which is essential to organism and defficiency of it results in anaemia. The article states that two persons after 7 years of pure vegetarism were delivered to hospital almost being in the state of coma. (conclusion - vegetarians are risking to loose health)I've looked to some vegetarians site and discovered that they point out B12 and recommend to take care of it. So what is your opinion?


Spirulina (blue-green algae) has 250% more of Cobalamin (B12) than beef liver, previously thought to be the Nature's richest source of it.

The next best source is yoghurt and then diary products. Meat is quite far down the list.

We only need minute traces of Vitamin B12 in our diet, as little as 1 microgram per day. Half of a gram of spirulina will do the job. By comparison, you need to eat some highly toxic liver or hundreds of grams of meat. This can bring you far more trouble than benefit. Do you know what diseases an animal had before it was killed for meat?

B12 can be synthesized by living microorganisms in the intestines. This is how a cow gets it, despite the fact that it eats only grass.

It seems that the best we can do is to become friends with bacteria in our intestines by taking care of the CONDITIONS there. Living in symbiosis is always the best. This is how Nature is designed.

Consider an industry that greatly benefits financially when people are sick. The more sick - the better their business. Would you believe their "health advice"? Explore MOTIVES. In every propaganda facts are very carefully selected and interpreted. Sharpen your filters.


why shouldnt we eat meat? isnt it part of the circle of life? we honor the animals existence by eating them, and vice versa. isnt it part of the natural harmony discussed in the freedom of choice?


The Circle of Life has been greatly disrupted in a chase for profit. Animals are fed drugs, hormones and waste products to grow faster. Whatever they cannot metabolise - is left in their meat. This stuff is the worst of the worst.

Animals get SICK. Do you know how many diseases and parasites an animal had before it was killed for meat?

Of course, you have the Freedom of Choice to eat what you want. My choice is to minimize the poisoning of my body in order to free the resources of the mind.

Eventually, "Not what comes into your mouth will contaminate you, rather, what comes OUT of your mouth will contaminate you" [2]. Since what comes "out", is determined and limited by your Intellect it makes sense to maximize the resources of the mind.


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