Ascetic life?

How do ascetics (like a meditating monk, alone on a mountain) develop their intellect, when they don't interact with other individuals?


Intellect can develop ITSELF - in essence - no company of others is necessary. Only the intent and motivation of the intellect ITSELF is needed.

There is enough to learn just by studying our own body and trying to learn to control its functions. Can you consciously control your heartbeat? Can you slow and stop breathing? What about body temperature? What about separating our consciousness from our physical body? Why not?

Also, by experiencing extreme loneliness - an ascetic can learn to understand initial MOTIVES of the Great Intellect for creating the Universe.

Since we are not truly alone, ascetics who develop telepatic communication skills can actually assist great number of people without moving from their "mountain".


That's very logical, just like the Great Intellect did in the beginning. But can you accomplish everything just by thinking? As you say in the chapter 'Self Correcting design', doing and thinking is two different things. And an ascetic doesn't do much but 'think'.


What do you mean by "accomplish everything" ? The Purpose of conscious existence seems to be development of individual Intellect. This actually CAN be accomplished without "doing" - only by "observing".

Some individuals may PREFER this method, rather than DOING mistakes and getting in trouble. NON-DOING is a very valid option, much like PLANNING your actions. Some people THINK and then ACT - others do exactly the opposite. Some people are SO scared and/or lazy that they don't do either... How many people like this do you know?

When an ascetic engages in a telepathic communication - this is a DOING part, much like interacting with someone over the phone or by email.


I was a little unclear when I wrote 'accomplish everything'. I meant achieve the highest possible intellect, as you say in your answer. This confirms what I've been thinking all the time. Thank you!


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