Astral projection?

Dear Dr. Chalko... concerning whether or not we should develop the ability to astral project, I think that it's just another physical skill to learn... it IS physical, isn't it?... Personally, I have an increasing admiration for the Great Intellect, as I become more and more aware of the potential of astral travel... AND I'm becoming more and more indifferent to material attachments... and I feel very good about it. So all and all, I think astral projection should actually be taught at a very tender age (or rather present children with the possibility of its learning :)) What I'd like to ask you, relates to the brain wave frequency known as Theta... this frequency, to my understanding, is the one present during REM... and if dream control is the first step towards Astral projection, its induction is desirable yes?... What do you think of the use of the brain's, so called, 'ability' to mimic environment frequencies, to achieve the desired state, Theta or other?


Astral projection is a natural ability. It is our choice to be practice it or not.

Becoming dependant on "gadgets" that alter our perception or induce hallucinations by whatever means may not be a good idea. These methods may set you back by mis-training your natural abilities.

Brain waves are CONSEQUENCES of conscious activity and not reasons for it. We should aim for the evolution of consciousness. When we succeed, we will be able to consciously control activity of every atom and every electron in our body.


At you can find a transcript of a Telepathy seminar. [Andreas]

Hail, I was wondering, is it possible to Astral Project while you meditate? ..'cause i was meditating last night and after like 30 minutes i started feeling vibrations, etc. And if it is possible, what other things are possible while meditating? =:-}


Real meditation prepares us to experience all sorts of "altered states".

The most interesting things always happen AFTER a prolonged meditation. Then - you need to be ready and skilled in "concentration" to make the most of them.


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