Astral trip anyone?

Thank you Doc for sharing your years of intellectual effort with me/us. Like so many others, it sits in my heart and mind as a glowing example of what a human being can realize if he is willing to sacrifice to find truth.

One question, since your knowledge of Thiaoouba, have you tried to go there astraly? I know you did but I do not know the answer of what happened. Can you tell us? Please? Michael M. Sylvan

Michael S

I found myself on the Earth's orbit, directly above Australia, with a clear thought "my place is HERE". I could see almost the entire continent - it was shortly after sunrise.

Since then I understand that I have chosen to live here myself and that there is a very important REASON for this choice. There is very little reason to go anywhere else if we cannot appreciate the Reason for our own existence here.

The Freedom of Choice book and my planetary discoveries are direct consequences of my appreciation for living on Earth.


Hi Tom i was curious if you have ever astrally projected to thiaoouba.


You haven't searched this Forum well enough before making your submission. Search for "astral" would lead you to the answer above.


Hey there Tom, i was wondering if you ever got to find out what thew center of the Earth looks like on the astral plane, just curious.


I managed to go to Egypt to see pyramids and the Sphinx, but haven't yet succeeded to explore the planetary interior. On one occasion I had a weird impression that the "core" is just a gigantic doko...


Have you tried to figure out the meaning of this?A gigantic doko. Could be your imagination running wild?


Maybe it was a provocation from my Higher Self. In the process of checking out this possibility I begun to make discoveries about the planetary interior.


Hi Tom, Three questions? 1. How long did it take you to first leave your physical body from the time you started practicing sacred sound concentration? I have heard it can take years of dedicated practice before you can achieve this. 2. Do you still travel into the light, or do you have different objectives and motivations for your concentration and meditation now? 3. Finally, have you found a way to reach the akashic records yet? I believe that is where Edgar Cayce used to get his information for helping people heal themselves if they came to him with a disease.


1. Few months of meditating @3 hours a day at @4 am. 2. It is possible to receive info telepatically (like having an image in front of your 3rd eye) without leaving your body. Aiming for The Light is the most pleasant - if you get admitted there. 3. I got a few glimpses but couldn't figure out how to navigate.


Just wondering if you've ever seen any alien beings or UFOs' on the astral plane, or anything interesting you could share with us.

Kenji C.

My son spotted a "real" shining sphere when we were driving. As soon as I noticed it - it performed a strange manouver and vanished. During the next night I got an extremely vivid visual telepathic message pointing out the dangerous consequences of the experiment I was about to make.


What was this experiment Tom?


Generation of gravity field by HF modulation of emissions from one of the trans-Uranium isotopes.


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