Bioresonant wallpaper or screen saver?

From my limited understanding of bioresonant technology it would appear that the contact of colours with the skin is a major contributor to feelings of well being.

Howevever it is also inferred that surrounding yourself with the 'correct' colours also can produce similar feelings. Is it possible to create a bioresonant wallpaper, screen saver or any physical picture for that matter which, would create optimal effects for the self?


Wall decoration is possible. The best effect would be achieved if you could match color patterns that surround you to colors of your own Aura. The matching pattern should contain colors that are dominant in your Aura and their Auric Pair colors. For more info click here.

Note that it is IMPOSSIBLE to produce a "screen saver" or a "color photo" or a "full color print" of the bioresonant patterns.

Bioresonant colors are nearly single-wavelength (almost monochromatic) colors. Each pigment HAS TO be chosen and printed individually.

Standard "color" technology combines various "colors" from 3 "primary colors" - Red Green Blue (RGB) for TV and computer monitors and Cyan Magenta Yellow for a "full color" printing. In both cases result is a "colorful NOISE" rather than a tuned wavelength of light.


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