Can curiousity arise against one`s will?

I finally persuaded my brother to read your book, and my father got upset because my brother is so religious, and now my brother has doubts about the religion. Was it wrong for me to persuade him to read it? Was I limiting his freedom of choice?


He has chosen to read it all by himself, hasn't he? Have you forced him to read it?

I guess that you have made him curious enough so he decided to read it himself.


What's frustrating is that after he read it he went to church and went to confession. I wouldn't doubt that he told the priest he read the book and doubted his religion.

What makes me mad is that he gives his freedom of choice or power over to a man that only promotes the teachings of Jesus as a way to preserve the church. The church says to never question it, or have blind faith, yet what good teacher wants you to never ask questions? The church says it is a sin if you don't go every week, yet they say this so you will help it by donating money which leads to the church promoting itself even more.

In the movie the 'Wizard of Oz' Dorothy realizes from the good witch that she had the power to go home all by herself, she didn't need the wizard. (The wizard turned out to be a fearful man that hid behind a larger than life image.) This could be a metaphor for people (Dorothy) realizing from their higher self (the good witch) that they don't need the church (the Wizard) to get wherever they want to go.

However, as long as there are people willing to support the church in their own ignorance, the church will continue to spread and ask for more and more help. When you help someone once and then decide not to do it anymore they get angry and blame you. The only way is to help people help themselves.


PLease respect your brother's Freeom of Choice. Making choices and seeing their consequences is the ONLY way for him to learn anything.

You have tried to make him think, with considerable success. Now it is all up to him.

It may take your brother years to see and EXPERIENCE for himself what I wrote about in The Freedom.


one thing i have noticed in my school is that when very young people are brought up as christians , planting a new ideas into their heads is almost impossible. Religion is encouraged so much in sociaty, and it seems some religious people will never accept any other ideas. i suppose for most of them it will take another life time to be more open minded.


Wise people consider religions as one of the greatest dangers for humanity on Earth. Religions clutter and pollute minds with false beliefs and misinformation. People who "follow" religious dogmas disregard the Reality of the Universe.

Since the Universe is designed to be self-correcting, a disregard for Nature brings self-destruction.


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