Celebrate or not?

Hi everybody!

Today I thought about the impact of not celebrating xmas. If a million or more people would agree not to celebrate xmas and thus not buying any presents, a whole economy would feel the loss. In these days most of the money is made by companys selling more or less useless stuff to neurotic people, who are searching for presents for their 'beloved ones'.

In this forum I often read about questions how to 'fight' against 'the system', that it seems almost impossible, that ONE alone has no influence whatsoever etc.

What if people demonstrate their power and do not buy any more or less useless stuff only to participate in a common 'tradition'? President Bush made it illegal for dock workers to strike (that implies that for the economy it is crucial that dock worker do their job). But what if people decide not to take any action in xmas time? Wouldn't it be devastating for the economy? Would it not be an appropriate demonstration of the power of 'the masses'?

Today, I'll will carry out Tom's advice and become an observer of the whole happening...


The problem is not Xmass (or any other festival)itself, but people who, like you noticed, behave like neurotics.

Arabs, buddhists and many other people do not celebrate Xmass. Even if the Festival of Santa Claus could become out of fashion, establishment would lead the flock to celebrate other things, such as Spring, New Year, Mother's Day and other seemingly innocent annual occasions. The more innocent - the better so that objections are minimized.

You are correct that if enough people refused to celebrate imposed occasions and purchased only what they needed, the so-called "economy" would experience major trouble.

There would be no market for useless items to begin with, if people begun to revise what they really needed. And this would be a MAJOR step in a positive direction. Its consequences would be far reaching on the planetary scale. As you know, "economy" is market-driven. Can you guess what would happen if the "market" became more intelligent and begun to define Real Needs such as a hydrogen car for example?


*laughs* You will NEVER get rid of cars runningon gasoline; not because of the people: becauseof the elite few who make so much money with oil.Do you really think 'populace pressure' willchange this ?


I can assure you that no sane businessman will ever produce a gasoline car if people choose not to buy it.

Businessmen are not stupid. They will never invest in anything that cannot be sold for profit. Hence, buyers have a real power, but they are unable/unwilling to use it.


The power of One certainly is strong. I am in the process of selling my car and adopting a push bike as a means of short distance travel. For longer distances, trains and buses are available in my area.

When I tell people I'm not going to buy another car and am going to use public transport and a bicycle they look at me and ask why?

When I explain all the reasons such as; being part of the flock, pollution, a stand against the oil companies and so on they do one of three things. They either agree totally and actually think about it or they think I'm a greeny or say nothing.

I look at my choice as a positive one. People will stop and think about what a petrol driven engine can do to our environment.


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