Chakra shirts too expensive?

Is it just me or are the prices of chakra shirts a little high? Is it because it's expensive to make them? Can you make chakra caps and hats aswell? Hope you respond. =}


Production of Bioresonant fabrics is quite a challenge and is a true minefield for mistakes. When we started in 1997 - fabric printing manufacturers called our 14 color project "impossible". They asked "Are you crazy or do you have too much money?". We had to teach them what to do.

The only way to reduce the cost by about 30-70% would be to manufacture in China in large quantities (hundreds of thousands of garments). This is what MOST of manufacturers do. We do not sell enough chakra shirts at present to make a multi million dollar investment in stock. We manufacture just-in-time (to satisfy the enlightened part of our society) and keep a very small stock.

If you find any cheaper way to produce our shirts in reasonable quantities, please let us know.

Free giveaways to people who truly cannot afford our shirts (such as students or people in Africa and Nepal for example) further limit our capacity to reduce the sale price.

How much can you afford?Please let us know - we may be able to arrange a discount or send you a free sample.


Thanks for your kindness. =}Well, between my twin brother and I, we have 40 dollars. I would ask my dad for money but he's been really stressed out economically for the past few years. That's why my brother and I feel he needs a chakra shirt now. We also wanna buy 'The Joy of Perfect Health' 'cause my dad's really worried about his health(he's on a diet, etc..), but, when we went to check the prices, we saw we would only be able to buy him the book 'cause the prices of chakra shirts are too high for us. Well, that's my status, i hope there's something that can be done. =}


Please email your address to the webmaster (below) and specify what you need. I will send you everything free of charge.


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