Concentration on the Inner Sound

I have read your book Freedom of Choice. I was very impressed by the book. I have question about 'inner sound' meditation you taught in the book. Can you give me more details about this type of meditation or refer me a book where I can find more about this meditation.

You said seek the source of the inner sound (sound in mind). How do you identify this sound? Is this the white noise in the head?

Jagan Reddy

Not quite. However, it may be considered a part of it.

Try to identify the highest frequency part of the sound that you perceive WITHIN, when there is a total silence around you and your mind is quiet, possibly after meditation. The aim is to identify the Source of this sound and practice systematically, by trial and error, to attain a state in which we can perceive it better. By better I mean louder and in more details. I have learned it in 1994, and use it for my own explorations ever since.

The rest you can find in The Freedom.


Thaks for your kind reply! Are you referring to the Surat Shabd Yoga (Light and Sound Meditation) here? In this yoga also, you have to see the source of the sound. But in Surat Shabd yoga, you have to use your hand to listen to the sound. Do you also use the hand? If you don't use the hand how can you listen to the sound? 

Jagan Reddy

You can use a hand or two, a pillow or nothing at all. Once you learn to recognize the Inner Sound you do not need anything but your own concentration and a silence around you.


Have you read Monroe books? He also talks about separating your consciousness from the body. Is this the same thing you were referring in your book. While I am sleeping, I can recognize when I am out of the body. I don't know if this can be used to reach my Higher self. Do you think I should work more on this ability?

Jagan Reddy

I do not know Monroe books yet.

You can most definitely make progress by aiming to control your dreams. A good skill is a skill of concentration.


I tried sitting in silence and concentrating on inner sound. All I hear is this white noise. How do I know if this is the sound I should try to listen or not? I don't want to waste lot of my time concentrating on wrong sound. Please help.Thanks,

Jagan Reddy

Try to find the highest pitch and focus on it. You cannot go wrong - it is all WITHIN you. Ask your Higher Self to give you a hint.


Hi tom, I would like to know what the sound is in my head. I can create a 'humming' sound in my head at will, I can control it's volume andpitch. I don't know when I discovered I could do it but I can , sometimes I can get it so loud itwill block out 'outer noises' (like when someone talks ect.) I just want to know what it is.Is that humming sound the vibrations of my higher self or astral being?

I am 15 years old my mom called me crazy and weird, because of the way I act/talk and think.She is a christan and she alway imposed her 'god' on me. I could tell her thoughts were negative about me. I told my mom and dad I couldsee auras (which I can), I told them it is natural , I can tell they think i'm weird andcrazy because I want to develop my mind and free myself from the illusion of this world.

They limit themselves to materal things and thatbecomes their 'god'. PLEASE HELP ME


The sound - please read the beginning of this topic for more information.

Start exploring this sound when you are in a quiet place. Close your eyes and aim for the highest pitch you can imagine. In the same time aim for the maximum intensity - like if you approach the Source of this sound. Eventually you should see the Light of your Higher Self (the 1-st one). When and if you reach it - you may be allowed to go THROUGH and see the next Higher Self.

Parents - it is a difficult issue, both for you and for them. The idea that comes to my mind is to ask them to read The Freedom of Choice. I cannot explain things much better than in this book.

If they don't like reading - you need to develop a "plan" for your actions. Design your actions, imagine consequences and responses, try your choices and improve them the next time if necessary.

That's life. When you start at your age - you can expect to become very good at it.


Antonius I DEFINITELY don't think you weird or crazy. To see auras naturally without effort is great. I have heard the humming you mention though do not have the control over it you do. I have even once on meditating had white light appear all around me. If I may I would like to suggest be happy to be yourself, love your parents for who they are. It doesn't matter that your beliefs are different. Be true to yourself and continue the way you are going but don't try to push your ideas onto your parents. I know you would love them to understand you and your beliefs but it is best to let things be, I have found. I think you are doing great and I am a 41 year old lady of 3 children! Best wishes..and be happy...


Almost 3 years ago before I came across the Thiaoouba Prophency and Freedom of Choice, I tried some concentration exercise suggested on somewhere in the website to exercise the third eye chakra. I think I have somewhat over induced it. I have long abandoned the method after I found that every time when I start relaxing, I can feel my third eye swirling around and pressing on my forehead.(sometimes, I felt my head is going to blow the more relaxing I go during meditation) The more relaxing I am and particularly during meditation, the stronger the effect even after 3 years. And such occurance always breaks my silence of my mind. What should I do?


Let it go. Try to do what I do when encountering pain. Try to find any tense part of your body (including all muscles of the face and the forehead) and concentrate on relaxing these particular parts.

If it doesn't work - do what yoga does best - use the contrast of the opposites. Before relaxing every muscle - try to TENSE every muscle for a few minutes. After deliberate tension - relaxation goes deeper and is more effective.


Dear Tom, Occasionally my inner sound gets loud for what seems to be no apparent reason (for I am not concentrating on it at the time). Does this mean my higher self is trying to contact me? If so, should I drop what I am doing immediatley and meditate in order to receive the message? Also, I find that I am now well tuned to this sound and am almost starting to find it a little annoying sometimes. Should I just smile and put up with it? Should concentrate on it and make it louder in hope that it will no longer be so loud once I have listened to it, or should I attempt to silence it by decreasing its pitch and volume?


Try to pay attention to WHAT you are doing (or THINKING) when the sound intesifies and analyse WHY are you doing this. Maybe the sound is a signal for you to pay attention.


My third eye feels like it is closed!This person laid his finger on my third eye, and said, 'with this open you allow to much trash to come in' I find I cant concentrate, or my recall is fuzzy, and I feel seperated somehow??I dont hold thoughts for too long, and co-ordination is really poor etcthis all came about 3 days after this event with the person closing my third eye... How can I get it to open again, or can you send me energies to do this?? thanks


No one can cripple your consciousness, not even the Great Intellect, you can only do it YOURSELF.

Also, no one can really "repair" your consciousness - you really need to do it Yourself. Even people like Jesus and Buddha healed others by cooperating and negotiating with their Higher Selves.

Physics of Consciousness has been DESIGNED that way.

Things can only go wrong if you BELIEVE that they can and/or you are AFRAID of it.


Thank you Tom for all your efforts in providing education for enlightenment.

I hear these mind sounds... they have been with me always... a high 'chirping' and low 'humming' or 'rushing' sounds at times a 'buzzing'... sometimes they are with me all at once and sometimes I 'hear' some sounds more readily over others. They are in constant flux.

I'll take your advice offered to the others in this thread that experience the same. That is paying attention to what I am doing when I notice the sounds or changes in sounds. I'll also try to go to the 'source' of the sound in meditation to seek my 'other' selfs.

However, I am interested in knowing what the goal is in clearly defining a 'source' or seeking a 'self'? Is it a strictly personal accomplishment or is there a collective good that we can achieve by defining our minds sounds?

I agree with Michel's book in that environmental sounds can be quite destructive to our personal harmony. I understand how this has numbed our existence as a civilization. But what is the goal of realizing that harmony and how can we help others by realizing it?


The greatest service you can do for the Universe and "collective good" is to evolve yourself. Consider is as The Goal.

Development of consciousness can only occur as a result of individual effort. No one can evolve for anyone else. For more explanation please read this article.


Thank you for your answer. I do understand developing our personal consciousness, however where is the strength in making a universal change if we are souly involved with our own good? Does that not make our efforts to make collective change ineffective and scattered? Are there times when we should communilly make an effort at reaching harmony? Is there strength in combining our energies on occassion for the greater good?


It is. However, the final outcome depends on the quality of individuals who choose to aim for a common goal or a set of goals.


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