Tom, I read your response to the questions posed in the "Witchcraft and Magick" section and found what I some contradictions. You say that "beliefs and rituals lead nowhere," and yet that is a belief that you have. You use the word view, but what is the difference between views and beliefs? Are views supposed to be visual, measurable, recordable, and logical whereas beliefs are not and therefore useless?

Neither telepathy nor the active communication of emotion are visual, measurable, or recordable and so, according to what you've been saying are not logical or useful. Those are mediums of communication that exist independently of physical perception even if they have physical tell-tale results (hormonal, body language, etc).

You mention miss-programming your consciousness. What do you use to program your consciousness if you do not use your beliefs? Is that not what hypnosis is ~ a natural brain state from which one can force feed beliefs into the conscious mind?


My view on Reality is a result of logical analysis of Observable Reality, including Reality of Individual Consciousness. Every step of this analysis is available to scrutiny at any time, so anyone can repeat it. If any element of my analysis changes, so do my views and conclusions. Perhaps it is better to call my views "a current understanding" or some kind of "knowledge" that is of course limited by my ability to understand. It is very important to note that real understanding of ANY process enables us to predict a result of this process on the basis of its input parameters. Such a prediction cannot be called a "belief".

Beliefs, on the other hand are based on paradigms or dogmas, that are never subject of logical analysis of any kind nor any verification. Believers feel offended if someone tries to analyse foundations of their beliefs, because they have never done it themselves and they feel that they may be proven ignorant.

In your letter above you assumed some "definition" of a "view/belief" and then bashed it. Is this your method of accusing others? Do you realize that you actually accuse yourself?

Please let me point out that one paradigm that you have adopted, without even realizing it, is that conscious processes are "brain states". If you ever want to experience and understand telepathy (mind to mind communication), astral travel and many other Real facilities of your own consciousness, you need to re-examine this paradigm, because it limits your ability to understand Reality of your own Consciousness.

What do I use for programming my consciousness? Please read The Freedom of Choice book again, because you seem to have missed quite a detailed explanation.


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