Distributing The Freedom?

Dear Tom, I know youve heard this before But FOC has and continues to change my life daily (due to such excellent sources like this forum) I thank you. I was just wondering if I can print and distribute FOC (spanish translation) to the people of Panama (im here as an exchange student) I know that many people who through me introducing it to them will take it seriously and not just throw it away. I ask for your permission. Thank you


As you know you have The Freedom of Choice to do whatever you think is the best.

I have tried to give people free books, only to find them in rubbish bins a few seconds later. So many people consider "free" things as worthless...

Try to give the book only to those who are interested, otherwise you will be wasting your time.


Tom, What you describe above is one the greatest tragedies of our society as it is today. Ideas for ideas sake and learning are not what human beings think about anymore. Our ideas stem in most part from answering the question 'how can I use this idea to make money'. I am just as guilty about this as other people. What I have found as part of my own conditioning is that I have been taught to believe that having money means not having to worry and other basic human needs. This is turn reflects a broader illusion that our society perpetuates, if you have money you do not have to fear anything anymore, because you can buy all the things that take care of your needs and wants. It is amazing to me that people are so dependent on money that if the system falls, they will starve, rather than barter, such as we saw in the great depression. If only that was a wake up call ! The storms rage, the flooding continues, people who are poor and disenfranshised commit atrocities against the rest of society. There are signs but no-one seems to pay attention. 'We have eyes, but we do not see'... Take care Tom. [pauld]

Today, people are into materialism so much for a simple reason. They haven't realized without doubt in their own minds that they exist beyond the physical world. If most people do, they will stop putting too much important into materialism. They will soon realize that they couldn't take anything material with them when they die. You only take what you have in your mind when you die. Out of body experience is one of the most important self-verifications of existence of our consciousness beyond material world.


Most people experiencing OBE just ignore them, just like they ignore dreams and telepathic communication. Science totally dismisses OBE simply because they cannot conduct any meaningful and repeatable experiment.

Please remember that not what you experience, but what you Understand from any given experience is the most important.


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