Do all creatures develop intellect?

Are all creatures on earth supposed to develop intellect? For example I have two dogs as pets, they live in the house, are loved and have become part of the family. Do they have a higher self to reach? Are animals to be reborn and to learn or did the great intellect just design them for us.


Every conscious creature in the Universe, even bacteria, has a path for development. However, animals have a different ROLE to play. Dog cannot become a bird, but much more intelligent dog.


That's cute. I have noticed that cats seem to be in tune telepathically. I have tried staring at a cat with it's back turned and 'thinking' hard at it. The cat got edgy and twitchy and then turned around facing me and 'yowled'.

Are we the only species on Earth that seem to not use telepathy for communication Tom?


Yes, it seems like it. Only a very small percentage of people on Earth actually admit the possiblity and try to practice telepathy.


what would it be like if we did?


Even if only some people learned to read intentions of others, even in a very limited way, the entire society, and especially leaders would need to develop what I call "mental hygiene".

Just demonstrating a possibility of telepathic communication would be enough to make people examine their thoughts.

The same can be said about reading Auras (not just perceiving them).


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