Don't like this life?

Dear Tom, can people from Thiaoouba create anything material at will???? Could we (if we develop enough) do the same????

It's just that the ignorance here on earth ismind blowing. There is so much greed,hate,andviolence here, I don't like this test (life).

For me it seems more like a 'observation period'maybe I came here to help/guide not so muchlearn.

Can this low plane be harmful to me??


Anything material is a product of intellect. Every atom and every electron. The direction of conscious evolution seems to be understanding every aspect of The Design, and yes, eventually to be able to "make" things and lifeforms.

You don't like this life? You are not alone. Not many people on Earth do.

However, I have important news for you. You have CHOSEN this life YOURSELF. You have chosen the planet, society, and everything else that seems "imposed" on you.

Of course, when you were choosing this life, you had an important REASON for doing so. This Reason appealed to you at that time very much, otherwise you wouldn't make the choice.

Try to establish this Reason. Look WITHIN. The sooner you will find The Goal of the "grade" that you are enrolled at present - the sooner you will be able to start making choices that lead to "graduation".

Can you pass a grade in a Good School without figuring out what the requirements are? Life is a test if you understand - or just dream that you do.


Hmmm, what do you mean, 'Or just dream that you do?'


People make choices assuming that they "know" what they are doing. Life puts this "knowledge" to a test.


Tom: I think that one the requirements in this world is to Know Thyself. When I was entrenched in my exercises by Guirgeff, which teach you how to explore yourself/motives, and teaches you how to make your discoveries last/change you, I experienced tangible results. I experienced a flood of energy into my solar plexis when I was honest with myself about ways that I have acted in the past.

In other words, realizing the true truth about ourselves brings us closer to the spiritual world. It's not being perfect that accomplishes this, it's being honest about ourselves. If you do these exercises, you will know when you have been honest by the results that you achieve. Sometimes you really have to dig. We hide so much from our consciousness.

Also, it says 'Seek and you shall find'. The spirit world is right there and if you seek, you will be surprised at the results. Whoever is watching over us is very compassionate.


Knowing the Self is the ultimate necessary condition to achieve anything in the Universe. Can you know anything if you are incapable of knowing your Self? However, seeking WITHIN and finding is easier said than done...


Tom,You say that we have chosen our lives in advance and your reasoning for this is that you are here to challange yourself and learn something during your life time. If this is so, isnt making the planet a better place to live as you seem to be doing, preventing people acheiving their goals by doing it for them? What is your response?


I am not doing anything for anyone. Not even a homework for my children. I am just choosing to express myself and provoke others to THINK for themselves.


why do you express yourself to others and what will you do next?


I am seeking intelligent and open minded people to communicate with. What will happen depends on who and how will choose to communicate with me.


Hello Tom and readers, can i just say on Tom's behalf, since i started reading Tom's books, i have been inspired from 'within' to 'seek', i have been able to apply very basic simple knowledge can i say 'of old', and rid myself of some problems i have suffered and been 'treated' for all my life. Totaly inspired by Tom's knowledge, i have begun a quest to find the 'key' within, people worry so much about what other people think about them, they really forget who they are, i have my critics and many in my circle of friends, but my strong basic value's and knowledge 'of old' are now starting to gain a new respect from my friends, mainly because of the 'in your face media' people are starting to realise that no matter what goverments are saying, nature is doing the opposite.


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