Dream Control?

Dear Dr. Chalko, Thanks you once again for the book.

I'm silenced by just going back to the book(Freedom of Choice) as many of my questions are given answers.

My meditation has improved a lot now. I can attain silent state of mind 20 -25 minutes from the time I started to meditate.

I realized that what many things happen to me in dreams.

When I was 22, I have seen an article in Philippine magazine that dealt with the phenomenon of flying in dreams. It explained that when you dream that you are flying, you ARE actually flying. That is YOU who flies.

I had 2 more dreams that I was able to control. I write down notes of what I have experienced so I that I can always recall it.

I extend concentration during dreams. This usually happens at 4 to 5:00AM after my mediation and going back to bed.

Concentrating on my 'screen' allows me to slow down process of going back to sleep gain. I get fully conscious when something is not logical in my dream and I cannot start controlling it.

I feel that the condition there is really different from my physical body. When I look down on my body to go back I feel a certain energy within my whole being that seems to be like a battery being placed in the charger. I hope this is normal. However I enjoy the feeling. I seem to be very very strong even though my sleep is very short.

I have a question. I think I don't really concentrate. It is the very strong energy that I feel on my whole body. Can you give me some light on how to concentrate. Is what I'm doing is not right or not enough. Love and respect,


You are doing fine. Every next time try to explore what else is possible.

When you practice concentration when awake - it becomes much easier to concentrate during dreams.


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