Drugs and `Quality of Life`?

I live in the U.S.A. and work for the Medical Insurance Industry, specifically with seniors citizens. There are many moral and ethical issues related to this, but specifically related to drugs, many senior citizens take several medications. Generally not to hallucinate, but for heart conditions, blood pressure, and/or ongoing health conditions. We have continued to spend alot of money developing new drugs to find 'quick fixes' for our diseases. Also, many of these drugs have been directly linked to improving the quality of life for some seniors. Generally the ethical consideration has been whether or not to cover certain drugs by insurance.

Understanding that the underlying problem of availability is really monitary in nature, are we hindering or helping people with medical drugs?


My understanding is that Life is a Lesson of Conscious Existence. From this point of view the temporary use of medication may be justified only if it helps people to Learn to Live.

Unfortunately, 'quick fixes' (in the form of medication that is used today) disrupt many aspects of the Lesson, for example:

- drugs hide true REASONS of suffering from our conscious attention either by hiding symptoms, or distorting the cause-effect relationships

- by using drugs people develop beliefs that someone else is responsible for fixing problems that they developed in their own bodies as a result of their own mistakes. As a result - people stop seeking and exercising conscious SELF healing mechanisms that are available to them. Their ATTENTION is diverted to drugs.

- medical drugs disrupt the process of dying (the process of separating the consciousness from the physical body) - one of the processes that any Individual Intellect aiming for progress has to learn and understand.

In short, medical drugs seem to be more a hindrance than help in the development of Consciousness and Intellect.


Drugs were the path that led me to your writing. I am currently drug free because of it. The problem is i still have a desire to do drugs even though I feel better now then i have ever felt.

Are there any exercises that could help me when I really want to do drugs. I really don't want to start again.


Yes there are. One of the most effective is a thorough detoxification of the physical body via fasting.

Apparently, every cell in your body 'remembers' toxins that it once learned to metabolize. You need to re-train your entire metabolism, otherwise cells in your body will continue to 'remind' you about these toxins. The only natural way of re-training the metabolism that comes to my mind is FASTING. It has helped many people in your situation.

Fasting CAN be dangerous. Don't even try it unless you a)wash and flush your bowels and intestines thoroughly before and during fasting b)drink a LOT of high quality spring water during fasting.

Fasting is VERY EASY when done properly. The hardest is actually breaking the fast without subjecting your body to a shock. Detailed instructions are in my book "The Joy of Perfect Health".


As far as drugs are concerened, they are debilitating substances that make people more susceptable to illness. 'There is more money in treatment than cure.' Doesn't this old saing hold credence?


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