Escape or different learning?

Right now, I have the opportuniy to go live in a 'Mt. Best' kinda environment, where i will be able to grow my own food, live up in a cabin with nature, interact with animals, breathe fresh air, and most importantly, concentrate on my spiritual development. But, i feel that if i choose to do that, it'd be sort of an 'escape' from the world and the rest of my responsibilities here, one being: studying (hopefully environmental enginnering ) in college and making something of myself. If this is a lesson of choice i am to experience and learn from this lifetime, then it seems requesting guidance from my higher self is out of the question, no?


I think that everyone should aim to do what he/she likes and what makes the most sense in a given stage of life. There will always be choices to make and one of our key tasks in the Universe is to learn making them.

When you succeed to define your Final Goal - you will be able to make better decisions.

In any case - don't neglect your spiritual development - no matter where you are and what else you choose to do.


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