Need is non-existent in the Universe.One need some-thing only if requires a prticularresult.The Universe is the result.

GOD would need something only if God required a particular result. GOD is that which produces ALL results.

If GOD needed something to produce a result,where would GOD get it? There is nothing that exists outside of God. GOD IS ALL THAT IS,All THAT WAS and ALL THAT WILL EVER BE.

There is nothing that is that is not GOD.

Love is not created us a result of certain conditions. Certain conditions are created as aresult of love.

GOD = life = love = change.


If "all is God" as you say, then NOTHING can ever go wrong !!! If "all is God" - we can rape and molest children, torture babies, destroy everything and everyone, live in filth and deceit because it all doesn't matter. According to your "theory" it would be actually God doing it to ITSELF !!! According to your equation, (God=Love) it will all be love !!! Are you trying to say that God is an idiot?

Do you realise what would happen if politicians and people on Earth adopted your theory that "Everything is God"?

As you said - the Universe is a result of a NEED. Aren't you contradicting yourself by saying that "need is non-existent in the Universe"?

Every Evolved Autonomous Intellect (God included) has PREFERENCES. Some of them can be easily established.

For example, any Intellect prefers Perfection rather than Chaos. Note that to an idiot, both Perfection and Chaos look exactly the same.

Intellect prefers Purity rather than Filth. An idiot cannot see any difference between Purity and Filth.

Intellect prefers to experience Love rather than misery and loneliness. An idiot cannot even determine where his misery comes from.

The Universe was designed to achieve the DESIRED outcome, not "all outcomes". As a Exceptionally Evolved Intellect - God has certain preferences. Can you find out what they are?

Only complete idiots have no plan and no desire to achieve anything in particular. An idiot may want "everything" simply because he cannot IMAGINE any particular consequences and he cannot establish any preferences.

With respect to "conditions for Love" - please read "Designing for Love" chapter in The Freedom again. You will find that if certain conditions are not CREATED (autonomy of individual intellects and unlimited potential for their development) Love is actually NOT POSSIBLE.

True Love can only be given by Free Will. If there is no Free Will - any feeling becomes a DUTY, not love.

Of course Love is not "created" as a result of certain conditions. Certain conditions are REQUIRED to create a POSSIBILITY for Love to exist. Try to UNDERSTAND the difference.


in the secret book of james it is written: 'So trust in me, my friends. Understand what the GREAT LIGHT is. The Father does not need me, for a Father does not need a child. Rather, a child needs a father. To him I am going, for the Father of the Child does not need you.'

what did you/we learn from this statement ?


That ANY Father does not really need a child for anything particular, but ANY child needs the Father for survival, security, development, encouragment, support, advice and many other things. Try to understand ALL OTHER sayings, otherwise you contradict everything else.


The creator had only one need as written in thiaoouba book:

"He created the planets, the suns, plants, animals, with one goal in mind: to satisfy his spiritual need. This is quite logical since He is purely spirit." "...the creator sought spiritual experiences through a material world." thus universe was created.

the following statement is absolutely true: NOTHING can ever go wrong !!! every thing that was is and will be is God experiencing himself through matter. just that. wrong or right are relative to human perception that changes all the time.

humans in process of evolution create new definitions for themselves through a contextual field called universe. GOD created this contextual field. He knows ALL that IS.

So it really does not matter. life is meaningless, nothing in the world is real. we humans all the time give meaning to the process that's called life = change. GOD invented the mechanism called meaning.


So, if "life is meaningless", "unreal", "nothing matters" and "nothing can go wrong" as you say, why don't you take a machine gun, grenades and anihilate every child in every school and kindergarten ? Why don't you take drugs? Why don't you commit suicide? According to your theory - it will be fine - you will make God experience MANY spiritual things !!!

Do you expect to make progress in the Universe if you choose the above behavior?

Philosophies that you try to push are used by THE MOST DANGEROUS and most fanatical SECTS on Earth. The tactics is to pollute individual consciousness with complete clutter and nonsense (in the name of God of course) so that people stay ignorant to the greatest extent possible, because their intellects are completely crippled. The tactics is to convince people that there is NO NEED TO THINK, that it is sufficient to "wait for salvation". The tactics is to convince people that their misery is "God's love" so that they can be exploited to the greatest extent possible. Have you heard it somewhere?


Love is freedom, it means that in the contextual field called universe there is infinite possibilities of experiences to the parts of ALL THAT IS . The contextual field = universe was created by LOVE.

LOVE is not judgmental,love is not superior,love does not need,love is not insufficient,love is not failure or success,love is not disunity,love is not requirement,love is not condemnation,love is not condition,love is not ignorance.

we are living within an illusion of our own creation.Life in the physical realm is glorious, indeed, and its purpose is to bring you happiness through the awareness and the declaration, the expression and the fulfillment, of Who You Really Are.

both so called "idiot" and both so called "genus" all of us are welcome to be part of this process called life.


Of course, there are many idiots in the Universe. What I say is that


and therefore it has preferences. Do you have another opinion?

Idiots are given enough tools and toys of self-destruction, so if they refuse to achieve enough coherence in their thinking, they will not be able to maintain their conscious existence and will eventually cease to exist.

The Universe is Self-Perfecting. Only the BEST of the BEST will remain. Designing anything else would be an insult to INTELLECT.

"Whoever doesn't know Self - doesn't know ANYTHING, but whoever knows Self - has already discovered the Knowledge about the entire Universe" [2]. Why don't you try to find the meaning of this advice?


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