Fence of Fear?

What is the best way to overcome the 'fence of fear'?

When I read on the Forum the discussion about how we can imagine and plan certain actions BUT we fail to execute these actions physically and consciously, I realize that the 'fence of fear' is the only barrier that prevents people from actual ACTION. Whatever are the reasons that create this 'fence of fear', I feel that this depends on the individual.

And also, WHAT do people think needs to be understood, so that the 'fence of fear' can be destroyed? I seriously KNOW that fear is the ONLY obstacle that prevents individuals from changing the system through actual ACTION. I've also noticed that any activity cannot occur properly if fear is present, for whatever reason. Personally, I've noticed that 'intent' to do something and also a 'plan' to get that something achieved is not enough to actually physically achieve it through ACTION. The 'fence of fear' is the only obstacle. It seemes like the 'fear' side of the 'self' dominates. Any ideas?


Cows don't try to cross electric fence because they fear the tickle. Why do they live in a "fence of FEAR"?

In order to establish a method to overcome or dismantle the fence, let's analyse the situation of cows in more detail.

Cows develop fear of the fence, simply because they cannot comprehend what is going on and why. They have no clue who put the fence around them and why. They also have no desire to find out. Can you imagine what would happen if they did?

From our perspective it is easy to notice that cow's fear is a result of their LACK OF UNDERSTANDING.

What would an intelligent human being do when surrounded by electric fence? First, a human being would notice the existence of the world beyond the fence and seek REASONS for the existence of the fence. Then he/she would investigate properties of the fence (by analysis as well as by trial and error) in order to understand its properties. With enough understanding a human being would develop a number of WAYS to disable, dismantle the fence, or safely go over it.

From this simple example it is obvious that in order to overcome any barrier it is essential to UNDERSTAND it. First, MOTIVES or NEEDS for such an understanding need to be established. Then it is necessary to conduct creative investigation, tests, trials, analysis, explore the limits and draw conclusions. All of the above are functions of Intellect.

Haven't we just defined a recipe how to overcome any barrier?


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