Foot & mouth? What Next?

Tom , this is a bit of a departure from the usualquestions on the forum. What are your views on the epidemic in Europe 'foot and mouth'?

Aaron Joseph

This is one of many epidemics that we shall encounter in the next decade. Epidemics of "incurable" diseases, possibly even this one, will become global - they won't be confined to any particular country or continent.

Our scientists know next to nothing about "viruses" and our immune system. Viruses can "propagate" electromagnetically. Cells in sick and dying organisms BROADCAST signals about their difficult situation. Other organisms that are not intelligent enough to LEARN from these signals - panic and begin to COPY toxic proteins that we call "viruses" in their OWN cells.

The lack of "cellular intelligence" in response to disturbances is the essence of the weak "immune system".Please read Bioresonant News for more details.


This thing you explain, of dying animal cells propagating panic electromagnetically:

What purpose does the broadcast serve? Is it a warning, a cry of 'help' to other organisms? Of fear? If so we shouldn't be afraid to help, if we know how {I noticed the word 'incurable' was in quotes...}.

Yet, British agricultural officials are killing thousands of animals, which I suspect may speed up, or 'intensify,' the panic-process you are describing. Is this because of 'skepticism' towards the confirmed effectiveness of already-existent cures from non-establishment sources? I am trying to understand what it actually means when 'your mind is in control of your body.' It sounds difficult to do, when it is demanded of one, consciously that is.

Specifically, to regenerate a cell. I get a cut, I heel it in a second instead of 7 days. Sounds like a matter of speed in reaction rate. The actual whole reaction must be very complicated.

How does so called 'cellular intelligence' relate to actual intelligence of a person?


The purpose of the broadcast of "feeling sick" is no different than the Purpose of the entire Universe - the exchange of conscious information. Have you read this article?

It could be an S.O.S signal, but it could also be an information for other organisms to get ready for specific disturbances. Can you imagine a sort of "intellectual vaccine" that enables other organisms to develop intelligent and effective strategies to cope with disturbances? Wouldn't you like to be notified when someone plans a burglary in your house?

The problem arises when individual (cellular) intelligence deteriorates and the amount of clutter/misinformation grows. In such a situation, for many individuals the education becomes "propaganda". Unable to develop individual responses, organisms COPY responses of other organisms - they generate toxic proteins (viruses) in their every cell. Only organisms that can learn to cope - stay alive and begin to broadcast information of "how to survive this". Killing organisms that begin to learn and adapt can only speed up the epidemic.

As to the relationship between the "cellular" intelligence and conscious intelligence, I suspect that they are related. The problem is, however, that we use very inefficient, if not misleading measures of intelligence. Have you seen "What is Intellect" topic at this Forum?


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