Giant impact?

Hi Tom! Today I read in the news about the 'giant impact' theory. Scientist 'prove' that our moon was created as a result of a gigantic impact of an asteroid or a similar object. Regarding to the book earth had rather 'catched' the moon. Scientist disregard this theory because the moon would have rather crashed into earth than flying in a orbit around earth. I know it has to be like it was told in the book but i cannot explain myself why our moon actually did not crash into earth the time it penetrated our solar system. Do you have a clue?


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"Cooling and Crystallizing planets and moons" theory is more dangerous for humanity than ALL weapons of mass destruction taken together, because it prevents us from predicting and preventing truly global disasters.
Click here for a list of active volcanoes
Volcanoes become active and erupt, not because the planetary core "crystallizes" as it is currently believed, but because the planetary nucleus is a nuclear fission reactor that needs COOLING.

As you know, the fate of an atom is determined by processes in its nucleus. Do you remember what happened to theories that ignored stability conditions of atomic nuclei?The same will happen to all theories that ignore the Nature of planetary nuclei.

My proof is based on the analysis of the theoretical conditions for the equilibrium of the core. Ignoring my proof is equivalent to ignoring the fundamental laws of mechanics. The discovery, reviewed in great detail by experts in a wide range of disciplines (physics, theoretical mechanics, theory of stability and mathematics), has been published in the NU Journal of Discovery


May I know where do you obtain the data of number of eruption per year for the past few years?


The list of names of active volcanoes behind the graph at is linked to the graph. Please click on it.

Note that the graph shows the number of active volcanoes, not the number of their eruptions, which is much greater.

I wouldn't be surprised if the information about volcanic activity on Earth becomes censored by the "system". Only a narrow circle of volcanologists are aware that the largest dormant volcanoes on Earth such as Mt Fuji (Japan), Kilimanjaro (Africa) and Mt Reiner (USA) show alarming signs of becoming active.

Virtually all glaciers on Earth melt from underneath. Ocean currents are greatly disrupted by extra heat from underneath. How many more symptoms do we need to comprehend the REALITY ?


Hi Tom, please consider: 17000 scientists have said that co2 is not causing the current greenhouse effect. As ice samples are proving that co2 was at current levels before. If we can't properly identify the cause, then isn't nature to blame?


Do these scientists also say that the atmospheric pollution is beneficial for the planet?

Increasing the number of people who reinforce a paradigm only makes life harder for those who seek better explanations. Imagine increasing the number of builders who prove with their gadgets that Earth is flat and who keep bulldozing their building sites to make them flat to high accuracy.

A theory of Santa Claus won't become true just because millions of children are mislead to believe in it. "Not appearances, but what is BEHIND them is the most important"

You are correct in suspecting that there is a natural process behind the forthcoming global trouble. This process relates to naturally occurring planetary/stellar "thermal cycles". In stars called "pulsars" these cycles are shorter than 1 second (>25 ms) (these pulsations are NOT due to spin of pulsars, as most astrophysicists believe!). The thermal cycle of our Sun is approximately 11 years long. For planets such as Earth the duration of thermal cycles is many thousands or even millions of years. Appendix 5 to this article explains why the planetary/stellar thermal cycles are inevitable.

Nature in its entirety is designed to be self-correcting. The chemical composition of the atmosphere normally corresponds to the stage of the planetary thermal cycle. When the planetary interior is colder, the atmosphere with higher CO2 content traps more Solar heat and the planet warms up. When the planetary interior is too hot (volcanic eruptions increase), the atmosphere should contain less CO2 so that the interior can cool down.

The presence of our arrogant, super-polluting "civilization" greatly disturbs the natural thermal cycle. CO2 and pollution levels are several times higher than they should be... Instead of cooling down, the planetary core warms up. The evidence is clear: volcanic activity increases, all glaciers including polar ice caps melt. The heat clearly comes from UNDERNEATH.


Some thermal cycles in Earth's geological history were mild. There were also cycles that culminated with ice ages, pole shifts and sudden change of Earth's axis of rotation - all preceded by extremely violent global volcanic activity. Can you guess what kind of cycle will follow our collective disregard for Nature?


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