How to avoid repeating mistakes?

If we are re-born, with our memory of the past life erased, how can we remember the lessons we learnt in the past life so we don't make the same mistake again?

For example, I am experiencing the consequences of a recent action of mine and really want to ensure that I do make the same mistake again. This the third time that somethingsimilar like this has happened to me.

How can I make certain that I don't have to repeat something like this again and that I GET THE POINT of the whole thing.


The Point is not to "remember" but to UNDERSTAND.Suppose that you make a mistake 2+2=7Then you try to remember that mistake, so you don't repeat it again.The next day you do 2+3=4 , 2+5=9, 4+2=7 etc...Do you see how many mistakes you need to remember? Isn't it just CLUTTERING your mind with upsetting information???When you UNDERSTAND the PRINCIPLE - then it becomes obvious what constitutes a mistake.It would be RIDICULOUS to expect remembering every mistake. What for???

However, it is perfectly reasonable to request UNDERSTANDING principles of the Universe, much as it is reasonable to expect understanding of principles of arithmetics.

Have a look at the chapter "The Past" in Freedom.


Thanks for the '2+2=7' example. It's better than those in 'The Past' chapter, I think. If not, well, it helps me more in understanding why errors are irrelevant


Errors are not irrelevant. Experiencing their consequences can assist us in finding and understanding the underlying principles of the Universe.

We have The Freedom of Choice to act in harmony or against these principles or ignore their existence altogether. In any case we shall experience consequences of our choices...


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