Imagination or knowledge?

How can you be sure that 'All evidence is always in the Intellect'? Can we Always Trust our Intellect for Proof? Is the answer we get from our Intellect always the right one? =:-)

'It is better to have Imagination than Knowledge'-Albert Einstein


Please don't compare apples with oranges. Intellect has very little to do with "knowledge" and "memory" that incidentally could BOTH be just clutter.

A child is intelligent before it is born and even before it is conceived. Have you ever thought how much intelligence is needed to make a human bodyfrom a single cell? Create all organs without any mistakes?

Imagination cannot come from "other sources" - it can only come from your own Intellect. No one can develop your imagination for you. You have to develop it YOURSELF.

No Intellect - no Imagination. A cow has little imagination, simply because it is less inteligent.

Only an intelligent entity can CHOOSE to use its intellect to IMAGINE things.

I am quite positive that all evidence is always in the Intellect. If Intellect cannot comprehend the analysis - no proof is possible. Can you prove that the Sun is a star to a cow?


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