Inducing deep meditation with low frequencies of sound?

I have read both 'Freedom Of Choice' and 'The Joy of Perfect Health' and I loved both books. I would like to know your opinion on meditation tapes that claim to create a deep state of meditation through low level frequencies. It sounds too easy.

Paul Collins

Yes it does. Nothing can replace your conscious effort. My approach is not to make my mind too dependant on gadgets.


But the great Thaori said that technology should be used to assist spirituality....using meditation tapes to achieve deep state of meditation..and normally...this is used by most beginner...advanced meditatator tends not to use it


I am not sure if the "tape" is really any "help" with conscious evolution.

I tried some tapes and gadgets after several years of everyday meditation and I found that they set me back. They create certain "habits", "patterns" and "expectations" that eventually narrow down your experiences and limit the Freedom of your mind.

My understanding of using the "technology to assist in the spiritual evolution" is to use it to communicate ideas (like in this Forum for example) rather than for promoting fear and brainwash.


I agree with Tom, bom. I used a 'regression' tape from a teacher from my daughter's school. It started with a relaxation technique then went on to you walking down imaginery steps supposedly making your past years flash by or something! I then got some alarming pictures in my head of my so called past of some peculiar characters and places which scared the hell out of me. While the relaxation part was beneficial and certainly relaxed me the rest confused and alarmed me and I thought it was all a load of utter rubbish, Goodness knows what it all meant! I say leave well enough alone! [Kim]

Hi this is Dean and i have previously done about a two months trail on one of these tapes systems. i agree with Tom in the fact that it is unwise to become dependant on something outside of ourselves. is it then real?

The thing i have found with the tapes is that it doesn't allow things to come up naturally. the sensations felt when something comes up using the tapes is not normal. i haven't used them for about three months and just yesterday i used them for 1/2 hour just to remind me what they were like because i have contemplated returning them. what i found when i was 'in there', in 'tape meditation', was that i couldn't feel myself. that feeling of being in connection with God that i generally feel throughout my day was almost forced from me. to me this is what meditation is about. i attempted to maintain my feeling connection but my explanation is the tapes caused too much pressure for me to maintain the connection to Source. another thing i believe is that they really allow no time for integration if you use them every day. i don't feel they work naturally. as someone told me once 'Be a Tortoise not a Hare.' Relax..


You mentioned in one of your messages that you tried sound therapy to help with your meditation and you said it messed up your obe skills. What type of sound therapy did you use I hope it wasn't the binaural beat sounds such as the one from monroe research institute or the ones you can create on your own cause I have tried them they show the eg results it really does synchronize the brain and causes relaxation and even theta activity.

It WAS a binaural sound machine. Such gadgets seem to disrupt one's control over some functions of the brain (an important part on the interface between consciousness and the physical world). The danger is in giving up control to a gadget.

My aim is to GAIN MORE conscious control, rather than give it up, even a tiny little bit.


Using sound to induce meditation is like a firecracker for a headache. Can you use a 'thing' to induce, well, 'no'thingness while keeping constant input?

You HAVE to to take over from sound control to actually meditate. Does a dysfunction of the brain come from using a crutch, or is it because of something else? thanks for everything! [keith]

Hi there Tom,I'd also like to gain more conscious control over my consciousness/brain but i was wondering where did you find the information (or is it experiential knowledge) that Binaural beat technology can disrupt control over some parts of the brain.


Using that machine 2 or 3 times had set my natural abilities back several years...


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