Intercourse overlooked?

Hi Tom, To avoid turning this Forum to a water cooler chat place and talking about Bush and shuttle's crash I humbly ask you to please give us some insight on a very important issue that somehow has been overlooked within the book and Forum, How should we treat the sexual desire? I have many problems and so do many others, we know it's a very strong source of energy and Tibetan's as you mentioned use it as well, but how can one abstain from sexual intercourse? isn't this against our purpose? thanks a lot for sharing your ideas with us.


Correct me if I am wrong, but The Freedom of Choice book explains quite clearly that neither Intellect nor any stage of its development is a result of an intercourse...

Of course, you have The Freedom of Choice to focus on whatever you like...


Maybe I was not clear enough in my question, What I mean is to know how we can elevate our intellect level using the sexual energy(just as Tibetan do) and if doing so would not disagree with our nature and our purpose of existence, it might help if you could share your ideas on this topic.As you well know the two main driving forces for human being to continue living have been described by Sigmund Freud as 'Sexual desire' and by Viktor Emil Frankl as 'The will to know the meaning', I think in your book you mainly focused on the second one as how we need to look for our purpose and what we mean in the whole universal picture which is very beneficial but how do we overcome the sexual desire or use it to achieve this goal needs more explanation.We all know how we feel after intercourse and how awful our meditation and energy becomes afterward and hence we still are falling into it, do you know of any techniques to prevent this?I love your book and this forum because you avoid talking mumbo jumbo and try to follow a realistic and scientific approach, thanks again for all you've done.

'Thiaoouba prophecy', the #1 book that inspired 'The Freedom of Choice' contains very crucial directions and advice on intimate relationships. This is toward the end of the text.

It can be concluded that sexual intercourse is not from the 'devil', as preachers say. It could not be, since it was the intelligent Creator who endowed us with sexuality, and gave man the ability to experience it at any time he/she chooses. BTW this is unlike what animals can do, as we know.

BUT it should be done ONLY in the context of immense true love and spiritual affinity, which themselves require intensive and sustained practice of intellect. Any feeling of lust, lack of control and anxiety bring about dire consequences to the mind. They cut off intuition, narrow down thinking capacity and over-excite a limited number of brain centers at the expense of the vast majority of the rest, unbalancing the human entity. In my opinion, sex could be a cancer to the mind. And it could be a blessing under very special conditions. [Vesselin]

..Can anyone tell me why Tibetans CHOOSE to avoid such a 'blessing' even though they seem to be much more capable of having the 'Very Special Condition'..?


Everyone has a Freedom of Choice do develop his/her own preferences. Anyone who experienced the Joy of Understanding will look at any physical activity from a different perspective.


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